The Once-Exclusive Way to Shop Furniture is Now Open to All (2022)

Each year, design professionals descend on the small town of High Point, North Carolina for the twice-yearly High Point Market, the “must-see event in home furnishings.” At the same time, those outside the industry patiently await the post-market reveal of upcoming trends and new collections. Last year, the world’s largest home furnishings trade show was postponed and then canceled for the first time since World War II due to the coronavirus pandemic. This created an opportunity for some distributive change, according to a band of industry professionals and friends.

During a series of casual Saturday morning meetings, these professionals (who are passionate about the community, its rich history in furniture making and the ever-present ingenuity) made it their mission to create a year-round destination for design and creativity, open to all. Enter: High Point X Design (HPxD).

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The question of how to make High Point, North Carolina, a year-round destination began last year when the bi-annual event was canceled for the first time in decades. A group of individuals dedicated to the success of the area and its creatives developed HPxD, or High Point X Design. Image: Ron Royals

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Now, showrooms welcome everyone to experience the long-standing history of furniture making and the ever-present creative energy in High Point. They are opening their doors to members of the trade as well as locals, design die-hards and everyone in between, This is only the start of the initiative to draw crowds to the city. Image: Ron Royals

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During market days, which occur for a five-day stretch twice a year, High Point celebrates American-made design and welcomes some 200,000 event-goers and nearly 2,000 exhibitors. HPxD supports this long, celebrated tradition by building up the community as a destination for the remaining 355 days each year. The market then becomes the jewel in the crown of a more robust community. HPxD was founded to create a year-round draw to the city of High Point, and this starts with the opening of flagship showrooms both to the trade and the public outside of market times. In partnership with High Point Showroom Association, HPxD anticipates the opening of nearly five dozen showrooms. Discovering world-renowned and up-and-coming makers is no longer limited to trade professionals who attend the annual event. Now, the average design lover can make discoveries for themselves.

The list below will introduce you to some of the furniture capital’s top creatives, who are opening their doors to the public (by appointment and during events) and fostering an inclusive community for designers, makers and design devotees — year-round.

Thayer Coggin

230 South Road, High Point, NC 27262 • (336) 841-6000

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Thayer Coggin was founded in 1953 and remains a family-owned-and-operated boutique manufacturer of home furnishings. Under the leadership of President Royale Wiggin, the company focuses on original furniture design and enduring construction. Their 200,000-square-foot showroom, office and workshop are located minutes away from downtown, where it has lived in the same South Road location since the early 1960s. “Having literally grown up amongst the employees of the family business, I inherited my passion for furniture design and construction from my parents, Dot and Thayer Coggin,” Royale says. “Producing high-quality, classic designs with our family of master artisans is my joy. As the team leader, I enjoy sustaining and building further the legacy of Thayer Coggin.”

She continues, “We delight in showing guests the experience, expertise, smiles and enthusiasm of the craftspeople who make Thayer Coggin products with time-honored skills.”

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When asked what excites her most about HPxD, Thayer Coggin President Royale Wiggin says, “We are ready to share our art and craft with a wider audience. HPxD creates more opportunities for our community and visitors to experience and learn about our company. We are excited to be a part of this effort.” Image: Thayer Coggin

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Thayer Coggin handcrafts modern furniture in High Point, NC, and has been in business since 1953. Image: Thayer Coggin

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Branch Home Designs

407 West Green Drive, High Point, NC 27260 • (917) 312-8527

Amanda Branch Covington recently launched Branch Home Designs, a new lifestyle brand with contemporary ideas and fresh takes on traditional finishes and shapes, alongside Amit Kochhar. This year marks the first anniversary of the company, which features lighting, mirrors, case goods, beds, and accessories with several desks, unique new marble designs and flush mounts on the horizon. “I believe HPxD is the future of growing the furniture world in High Point,” says Amanda, who has lived in the area for 20 years. “Branch Home thrives on listening to our clients, and being able to host our designers and retailers year-round is rewarding.”

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When asked what excites her most about HPxD, Branch Home Designs founder Amanda Branch Covington says, “Branch Home is thrilled to be a part of HPxD and the movement to be open year-round. I feel honored to be an owner of a new company and among such other talented leaders in the industry and well-diverse companies.” Image: HPxD

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Branch Home is a new furniture brand founded by Amanda Branch Covington and Amit Kochhar. Explore their collections at their flagship showroom! Image: Ron Royals

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214 Modern Vintage

314 W. Russell Ave., High Point, NC 27260 • (336) 314-8082

Stephanie Schofield got her start selling vintage pieces over a decade ago, and in 2013 she opened 214 Modern Vintage in High Point. Described as “a meeting place of like-minded vintage and antique sellers,” 214 Modern Vintage houses eight sellers who focus on modern design from the mid- to late-20th century. “Our specialty is in sourcing unique, one-of-a-kind pieces from all over the country,” Stephanie explains. “Our art collection, in particular, seems to captivate our clients; we most surely feature the largest selection of vintage art in all of North Carolina, especially during Market, when we are packed to the gills with the good stuff.”

Stephanie is no stranger to locals’ and visitors’ surprise that the city has more than furniture, and she delights in being part of their discovery that there is a rich depth to High Point’s creativity and offerings. She tells us, “I’ve been so encouraged by the number of locals who have come in and expressed excitement at seeing something ‘different.'”

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When asked what excites her most about HPxD, 214 Modern Vintage founder and owner Stephanie Schofield says, “I am really interested in what I call ‘the process’ of High Point. The train is chugging along slowly but surely, and I am so curious to see what this place will look like in five to 10 years. There’s so much potential here. Being a part of HPxD is my way of contributing to that potential.” Image: Timothy Burkhart

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214 Modern Vintage opened in 2013 and relocated to their current space on West Russell Avenue in 2018. Image: HPxD

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red egg

415 W. High Ave., High Point, NC 27260 • (336) 887-3541

red egg is an accent furniture company with the mission to sustainably craft heirloom furniture that brings joy; Carol Gregg is the founder, owner and chief hen. During a trip to Asia, Carol found inspiration when she stumbled upon a street filled with antique shops in Hong Kong. She opened a to-the-trade showroom in San Fransico and began designing and selling handcrafted rattan furniture from the Philippines. She made a move to High Point in 2004, and she relocated her company with the goal of making the wood furniture locally. Nearly a decade later, the red egg showroom and office are located in a historic High Point home, and she describes the space as a “living showroom.” The home furnishings displayed in the home give customers a special experience and allow red egg to share their brand vision.

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When asked what excites her most about HPxD, red egg founder Carol Gregg says, “I am excited to be part of a growing design community! If we can continue to get traction with other like-minded companies and band together, we will give people a reason to get excited about coming to High Point in addition to the twice-yearly Market. We have so much talent here already, and the HPxD flagship showrooms offer unique home furnishings. We are creating an experience here that is authentic and original.” Image: Ron Royals

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Carol first started showing at the High Point Market in 1997 and has always dreamed about having a showroom that stays open year-round. Now, red egg is open weekdays by appointment to the trade and community. Image: red egg

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515 S. Hamilton St., High Point, NC 27260 • (336) 889-7379

Sabine Verellen opened the doors of Verellen with her husband Tom in the late 1990s, shortly after they emigrated to the states. “After a short stint in the textiles industry on the import/export side of the trade, we saw an opportunity in the home furnishings market and thought we may have found our niche in the upholstery category,” Sabine explains. “Both of us being born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, allowed for a strong knowledge and appreciation for fine textiles, and Belgian linens in particular, which is where we drew inspiration from when conceptualizing Verellen back in the early days.”

Today, every Verellen piece is handcrafted with love in North Carolina. Entering an industry built on decades of experience and trust, the Verellens felt like the new kids on the block. “Coming into the game without these established names, frames or product was truly a beautiful challenge and something we feel so grateful to have overcome through producing unwavering quality and customer service,” says Sabine.

The pair was drawn to High Point because of “an unparalleled workforce with regards to building heirloom-grade furniture, and affordable real estate as an additional benefit.” Within the community, they have built a reputation of exceptional product and quality.

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When asked what excites her most about HPxD, Verellen founder Sabine Verellen says, “Today, we feel so fortunate to be in a place where our lives and our company are more established in High Point. Together with an incredible group of like-minded brands and companies, we can work to restore this beautiful little city to the ‘heyday’ of design, manufacturing and production that it was not so long ago!” Image: Ron Royals

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Sabine describes Verellen as “Belgian conception meets American perfection.” Image: Verellen

Learn more about these (and other) showrooms in High Point and discover the many ways you can experience HPxD HERE.


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