How to do Custom Deliveries in FFXIV (Updated Patch 6.15) - Late to the Party Finder (2023)

You’ve made many friends in Eorzea through your feats as a battleworn adventurer, but some of these same allies are in need of your craftier talents as well. If you’re a Disciple of the Hand or Land, you can take on several side stories which have you delivering goods to your clients in return for gil, experience, and scrips.

These turn ins will be a great source of endgame currency and help you gear up your crafters and gatherers so they can handle any task. I’ll detail what you need to do to get started, and how to quickly and efficiently go about these weekly deliveries.


To get started with any of them however, you’ll need these first:

Complete the early Heavensward Main Scenario Quest ‘The Better Half‘ in Foundation. With a level 50 crafter or gatherer, complete the ‘Inscrutable Tastes‘ sidequest in Foundation to unlock collectables.

Progress through Heavensward Main Scenario Quest to get access to Idyllshire. With a level 60 crafter or gatherer, complete the quest ‘Go West, Craftsman‘. This unlocks collectables and scrips, so it’s required as a baseline for any deliveries.

After that, the unlock quests for Custom Deliveries vary, and can get complicated because many of the clients are important side characters with their own storylines that you have to complete. Sometimes multiple quest chains need to be finished before their story as a delivery client can begin.

To unlock Zhloe Aliapoh (Level 60 DoH/DoL), complete the quest ‘Arms Wide Open‘ in Idyllshire.

To unlock M’naago (Level 60 DoH/DoL) you will need to have completed the MSQ ‘The Return of the Bull‘, a post-Stormblood quest. The unlock sidequest is ‘None Forgotten, None Forsaken‘, which requires ‘Reach Long and Prosper‘ as well as ‘And We Shall Call It Eureka‘ all of which are in Rhalgr’s Reach.

To unlock Kurenai (Level 62 DoH/DoL) you’ll need to have unlocked M’naago’s deliveries already. You’ll need to have done the sidequest chain beginning with ‘The Palace of Lost Souls‘ in Sui-no-Sato in The Ruby Sea. The first one is a blue sidequest which you probably did to unlock the level 63 dungeon, so if you don’t see that on the map then the next one in the chain is a regular yellow sidequest called ‘Fathoms Below‘. After all that you’ll gain access to the unlock quest ‘The Seaweed is Always Greener‘ in Kugane.

To unlock Adkiragh (level 66 DoH/DoL) you’ll need to have unlocked Zhloe’s deliveries already. You’ll also need to complete the single sidequest ‘Purbol Rain‘ in Reunion in The Azim Steppe after progressing far enough in the Stormblood MSQ. Finally, the unlock quest is ‘Between a Rock and the Hard Place‘ in Idyllshire.

To unlock Kai-Shirr (level 70 DoH/DoL), do the quest ‘Oh, Beehive Yourself‘ in Eulmore. This is unlocked after the post-Shadowbringers MSQ ‘Moving Forward‘, and having unlocked Shadowbringers collectables with the Eulmore sidequest ‘The Boutique Always Wins‘.

(Video) What to sell to make Gil in patch 6.3

To unlockEhll Tou (level 70 DoH/DoL), complete the two-step questline of ‘If Songs Had Wings‘ and ‘O Crafter, My Crafter‘ in The Firmament in Ishgard. You’ll have to complete the Ishgardian Restoration quest line first, which begins with ‘Towards the Firmament‘ in Foundation. Once you finish ‘To Thaw a Frozen Heart‘, you’ll have access to the unlock quests from Ehll Tou.

To unlock Charlemend (Level 70 DoH/DoL), you need to do even more of the Ishgardian Restoration sidequests from Francel in the Firmament. Once you finish the ‘May Featherfall Flourish‘ step, two quest chains will begin: ‘Not by Bread Alone‘ from Francel and ‘The Brume Lifts‘ from Charlemend. Complete both stories and you’ll have access to ‘You Can Count on It‘ to unlock Charlemend as a client.

UnlockingAmeliance is mercifully simple: complete the final quest of the Endwalker MSQ, ‘Endwalker‘. Then you can find the unlock quest ‘Of Mothers and Merchants‘ in Old Sharlayan, northeast of the aetheryte plaza.


Custom Deliveries are the easiest, most time efficient way to gain a large chunk of both types of scrips for your crafters and gatherers. If your crafter or gatherer is below max level, instead of the level cap scrips you’ll get a large amount of experience. You only have 12 delivery allowances per week, so it’s not farmable. You should definitely make sure to do these every week because of how efficient (and pretty painless) they are.

Be sure you don’t turn in a collectible if it would push you over the cap on how many scrips you can hold. The game will warn you with a pop up window if this is the case. I usually just go buy some materia from the scrip exchange before returning to finish the turn ins.

A fun additional reward for most of the clients is that they’ll let you choose their outfit. This is only available after fully ranking them up and completing their story, and is indicated by a shirt icon on the Custom Deliveries window in the Timers Menu.

How to do Custom Deliveries in FFXIV (Updated Patch 6.15) - Late to the Party Finder (1)

This is currently available for all the clients except M’naago. To glamour them you’ll need glamour prisms, of course. Items in your Glamour Dresser or Armoire are not accessible. You must have the desired items in your inventory or armoury chest, and the glamours must be equippable by ‘all classes’. Gender-locked glamours can only be used by the clients of that gender.

Of course, another fun reward is just getting to play through the side stories of these characters. They’re usually pretty entertaining; I’m currently just fawning over Ehll Tou because she’s just so endearing. I mean, she’s a dragon who wants to learn to craft things for her dragon friends. Too cute.

Crafting and Gathering the Deliveries

First I should state that there’s no reason to turn in anything less than the highest tier collectability. If you’re high enough level to accept the delivery, you can achieve the stats necessary to get the best tier rewards. If you mess up, either buy more materials from the NPC vendor (crafters) or wait for your GP to recharge (gatherers).


The recipes can be found under the Special Recipe tab, in the Custom Deliveries dropdown. The materials needed can be bought from a vendor in the same zone as the client. You can craft these recipes on a high level crafter and turn the items in on a lower level one.

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Zhloe Aliapoh – Scrap Salvager at [5.9, 7.2] in Idyllshire. Select ‘Purchase Items I’.

M’naago – Material Supplier at [9.7, 11.8] in Rhalgr’s Reach.

Kurenai – Blue Merchant at [27.9, 16.9] in Tamamizu.

Adkiragh – Scrap Salvager at [5.9, 7.2] in Idyllshire. Select ‘Purchase Items II’.

Kai-Shirr – Dadden <Merchant> at [11.7, 11.3] in Eulmore.

Ehll Tou – Anna <Merchant & Scrip Trader> at [14.2, 12.6] in The Firmament. Closest Aethernet Shard is The New Nest.

Charlemend – Diana <Merchant & Scrip Trader> at [9.7, 8.4] in The Firmament. Closest Aethernet Shard is The Western Risensong Quarter.

Ameliance – Synnove <Apothecary> at [12.7, 10.3] in Old Sharlayan. If you need to offload scrips before turning in items, head to the Scrip Exchange NPC at The Studium Aethernet Shard.

If your crafter is at least 10 levels above the recipe level you can make use of the skill ‘Trained Eye‘ to automatically max out the quality gauge in a single step. This is part of what makes Custom Deliveries so easy. It’s a simple two or three step craft for most of the clients. If you’re inclined to tinker with macros, you can make a really simple crafting macro for these recipes.

/ac “Trained Eye” <wait.3>
/ac “Groundwork”

Add an extra line at the end for another Groundwork or other synthesis action if your Craftsmanship score is a little too low. That should be sufficient for your crafters when making items for lower level clients.

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For higher level clients with recipe levels closer to your crafter level, Trained Eye won’t work. I can’t recommend any specific macro for higher level recipes, because it would depend on your crafter’s stats. Overall the recipes are pretty easy though, so if you have a basic understanding of the crafting system you should be ok. The materials just cost a small amount of gil so the worst that happens is you buy more and try again.


Make sure you have Collector’s Glove toggled on. The most important threshold to meet is having 600 GP. This will allow you to perform a convenient rotation. If you only have 400 GP you can still get high collectability items, but you’ll have fewer swings to spend on gathering, so it will just take longer and you’ll have to go to more gathering nodes and recharge your GP.

The next threshold to meet is a high enough Perception stat that your Methodical Appraisal ability raises the rarity by 115. This is the cap for a single swing, so seeing this number means your stats are as good as they can be for that particular item you’re gathering. The items for higher level clients will require better Perception.

For Zhloe, M’naago, and Kurenai, you can work on their collectables with a very simple approach using Methodical Appraisals. Just use two Discerning Eyes, and a Single Mind if you have the GP. Consider looking for the node that has an extra gathering attempt bonus to speed things along as well.

For Adkiragh, Kai-Shirr, and Ehll Tou, you’ll need a higher rarity rating, so 600 GP and Impulsive Appraisal II (level 61) are must haves. There are many places I’ve seen this macro shared, but here’s a post from u/Kashi1988 which includes a little description and image of how it works. This is the macro that I use for most of my collectable gathering because it’s super convenient to just have one button to press, and then collect the items when it’s done. If you’re familiar enough with macros, consider adding your preferred sound effect in a line at the end to alert you that it’s time to gather.

I will say that it’s definitely worth it to locate the node with the Gathering Attempt bonus so that you can use the Stickler skill (level 71) and make sure you get maximum collectability. All of the common gathering locations have three sets of two nodes. In Shadowbringers zones one of those pairs always has a Gathering Yield +1 node, one has a Gathering Fortune +5% node, and one has the desirable Gathering Attempt +1 node.

I know what you’re thinking, surely Gathering Yield +1 sounds even better? Sadly it does not apply to items gathered as collectables. Hitting a ‘high quality’ gather on a collectable does raise the collectability significantly, but it’s more of a gamble, and 5% is too low. Go for the extra attempt.

Once you’ve gathered from it, simply go to each of the other pairs, interact with one node at each pair (you don’t even actually have to gather, you can just back out), and your original pair of nodes will have respawned. It’s the quickest way to get the +1 attempt bonus for your collectables.

Weekly Turn Ins / Which Deliveries Should I Do?

Because you have a limited amount of allowances per week, you cannot deliver for all of your clients. With 12 allowances, you can select two clients for six allowances each. But which clients? And which Jobs?

How to do Custom Deliveries in FFXIV (Updated Patch 6.15) - Late to the Party Finder (2)

The first thing you want to look for is which deliveries have a bonus that week. These are indicated on the client’s delivery window, which you can check from the Custom Deliveries option in your Timers Menu ([Ctrl+U] by default). It’s randomly selected each week, and you might have unlucky times were nothing is given a bonus.

(Video) Daily, Weekly, Monthly Routine for Maximum Gil! | How To Unlock Unreal, Leves, Doman Enclave +

How to do Custom Deliveries in FFXIV (Updated Patch 6.15) - Late to the Party Finder (3)

Let’s talk about experience vs scrips. If you have some Jobs at max level and some below, you could use them for whichever you prefer. Personally I recommend using Custom Deliveries to build up the level cap scrips. When you look at the alternatives outside of Custom Deliveries, it’s harder to get those than experience, especially for crafters.

How to do Custom Deliveries in FFXIV (Updated Patch 6.15) - Late to the Party Finder (4)

If you care about scrips at all, you should choose to work for recently released clients for six of your weekly allowances. When clients are new, they usually reward you with more scrips than the others. even if the older ones have a bonus on their respective deliveries that week.

Here’s a quick priority list if you’ve already ranked up with all the clients:

Newest Client > Client with bonus > Client without bonus

If you haven’t finished ranking up with all your clients, then I recommend you try to rank them all up as soon as possible. Bonuses are not available until a client is max rank, so this will get you more chances at a bonus being available next week, maximizing your potential rewards. If you’re a very story-driven player, you could focus on one or two clients at a time so that you don’t have several side stories going at once. I know personally I have a hard time remembering the plot if it’s been too long since I’ve worked on a side quest.


Overall I think the stories surrounding all of these characters are funny or interesting enough that I would complete them just for that reason alone. Even if you’re not big on story, definitely check these out for ridiculously easy and efficient levelling and scrips every week.

With new patches come new gear and items, and when it’s time to upgrade your crafting and gathering sets you’ll be glad to have the scrips to buy non-combat materia and crafting materials.

Do you have a favourite client to do deliveries for, or to glamour? And do you favour crafting or gathering to get your weeklies done? Let me know down below.


How to do crafting Custom Deliveries? ›

To unlock Custom Deliveries, you must first be level 60 in either a crafting or gathering class to complete the quest "Go West, Craftsman" located in Mor Dhona (x22. 3, y6. 8). This quest is required for other collectable-related content, so you may have already completed this.

How do you unlock Custom Deliveries in Adkiragh? ›

How to Unlock Custom Deliveries for Adkiragh
  1. Quest: "Between a Rock and then Hard Place"
  2. Level Requirement: Level 66 in any DoH/DoL class (items will range from 66-68)
  3. Location: Idyllshire (x6.0, y7.0)
  4. Prerequisite Quests: Requires Stormblood (MSQ), "Arms Wide Open" (which unlocked Zhloe), and "Purbol Rain"
May 13, 2022

How do Custom Deliveries work ff14? ›

You can only complete a total of 12 custom deliveries per week and six per specific NPC. Deliveries reset every Tuesday morning. The higher collectability your crafted or gathered turn-in has, the more EXP and scrips you'll get in return.

How do I unlock 6.1 Custom Deliveries? ›

How to unlock Ameliance Leveilleur's custom deliveries
  1. Complete the main scenario quest “Endwalker”
  2. Complete the quest “Go West, Craftsman”
  3. Have at least one crafting or gathering job at level 80.
Jun 7, 2022

How many custom deliveries per week? ›

Players can do up to a total of twelve deliveries per week, limited to up to six deliveries per client.

What level do you need to be for custom delivery? ›

To deliver items you need Disciple of the Hand or Land level 56+.

How do I unlock Charlemend custom delivery? ›

How to Unlock Custom Deliveries for Charlemend
  1. Quest: "You Can Count on It"
  2. Level Requirement: Level 70 in any DoH/DoL class (items will range from 71-77)
  3. Location: The Firmament.
  4. Prerequisite Quests: Requires "Go West, Craftsman", "Smiles Cross the Sky," and "The Brume Lifts"
  5. Vendor Location: The Firmament (x10, y8.4)
May 13, 2022

How do I unlock Mnaago deliveries? ›

How To Unlock Custom Deliveries For M'naago
  1. Quest: "None Forgotten, None Forsaken"
  2. Level Requirement: 60 in at least one DoH/DoL (items will range from 60-63)
  3. Location: Rhalgr's Reach (x10, y12.5)
  4. Prerequisite quests: You must complete both "Reach Long and Prosper" and "Return of the Bull (MSQ)" to unlock this client.
May 13, 2022

How do I unlock custom delivery in Kurenai? ›

How to Unlock Custom Deliveries for Kurenai
  1. Quest: "The Seaweed Is Always Greener"
  2. Level Requirement: At least one level 62 DoH/DoL (items will range from 62-64)
  3. Location: The quest is in Kugane (x10. ...
  4. Prerequisite quests: You must first complete the quest "None Forgotten, None Forsaken," unlocking the client M'naago.
May 13, 2022

Is it against TOS to mod FFXIV? ›

Mods, or third party tools, are prohibited in Final Fantasy 14, although many players use them.

How do I claim my Grubhub ENDWALKER? ›

Order at least $15 worth of food (before tax, tip, and fees) and use promo code ENDWALKER at checkout on the Grubhub app. (Review the full terms and conditions.)

How long does it take for Mog Station items to be delivered? ›

You can check the status on the Mog Station via "Payment History". Please note item deliveries may be delayed during peak times. If you have still not received your items despite confirming all of the above points, please be advised that it can take up to 24 hours before items are delivered.

How to do Studium deliveries? ›

How to unlock Studium Deliveries. To start Studium Deliveries, you need to complete the following: The level 50 sidequest “Inscrutable Tastes” (If you have collectables unlocked, you've already done this.) The level 82 main scenario quest “Sound the Bell, School's In”

How do you unlock Zhloe custom deliveries? ›

How to Unlock Custom Deliveries for Zhloe
  1. Quest: "Arms Wide Open"
  2. Level Requirement: At least 1 level 60 DoH/DoL (items will range from 57-60)
  3. Location: Idyllshire (x6.0, x7.0)
  4. Prerequisite Quests: "Go West, Craftsman" and "A Great New Nation"
  5. Vendor Location: Idyllshire (x5.9, y7.2)
May 13, 2022

Where to buy materials for Ameliance Custom Deliveries? ›

You can find the merchant for purchasing crafting materials at (X:12.7, Y:10.3) in Old Sharlayan. Speaking of rewards, you'll gain a large amount of experience and gil when turning in custom deliveries while below level 90.

Are custom deliveries daily or weekly? ›

Custom Deliveries are weekly Final Fantasy XIV activities that reward Disciples of the Land/Hand with gil, experience, and a significant amount of Yellow or White Scrips. Players can undertake a total of 12 deliveries per week, with each client accepting a maximum of six deliveries.

What deliveries make the most money? ›

The food delivery service that pays the most is Instacart, with drivers reporting earning as much as $30 an hour. Before you quit your day job to deliver food, you need to consider the responsibilities of a delivery job.

Which delivery makes the most? ›

10 best paying food delivery services
  • Instacart. Salary: the typical Instacart delivery driver earns $29 per hour1 and about $25,165 per year6. ...
  • Shipt. ...
  • Uber Eats. ...
  • Amazon Flex. ...
  • 5 DoorDash. ...
  • Postmates. ...
  • Caviar. ...
  • Gopuff.
Mar 29, 2022

How many modes are there for delivery of goods? ›

All three modes of shipping-land, air, and sea-play a major role in our economy.

How many levels does deliver it 3D have? ›

50 levels of tracks designed to test your wheelie skills. Keep your front wheel of the ground and make your way over jumps and obstacles. Deliver It 3D Once you have Completed all 50 Levels then you have earned the right to compete on the Challenge track.

Where is Zhloe Aliapoh? ›

Zhloe Aliapoh is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV who runs a orphanage in the Hard Place cellars known as Menphina's Arms. She runs her trading business on the main floor of the building.

What is customized delivery? ›

It Allows You to Customize Deliveries Painlessly

This enables customers to not only get what they want but also see the whole process with transparency. Delivering what your customers want and allowing them to see where their order is in real-time effectively makes your customer service reliable.

How do you unlock Charlemend custom deliveries? ›

How to Unlock Custom Deliveries for Charlemend
  1. Quest: "You Can Count on It"
  2. Level Requirement: Level 70 in any DoH/DoL class (items will range from 71-77)
  3. Location: The Firmament.
  4. Prerequisite Quests: Requires "Go West, Craftsman", "Smiles Cross the Sky," and "The Brume Lifts"
  5. Vendor Location: The Firmament (x10, y8.4)
May 13, 2022

How do I unlock Kurenai deliveries? ›

How to Unlock Custom Deliveries for Kurenai
  1. Quest: "The Seaweed Is Always Greener"
  2. Level Requirement: At least one level 62 DoH/DoL (items will range from 62-64)
  3. Location: The quest is in Kugane (x10. ...
  4. Prerequisite quests: You must first complete the quest "None Forgotten, None Forsaken," unlocking the client M'naago.
May 13, 2022

Is macro considered Botting? ›

If you run a macro or script that performs any in game action without you doing anything, that is automation (bot). Anything that is automation, can be considered to be a bot.

Is macro the same as Autoclicker? ›

An auto clicker is a kind of macro or software that will automatically perform the clicking of a button on a particular computer screen element. Auto clickers can either be activated to repeat the recorded input, or generated by different current settings stored in the computer.

Does macro count as cheat? ›

Macros will not get you a VAC ban but depending on what you use them for they might get you an OW ban like a bunny hop script. Originally posted by 255h: You can't bind one key spam to a button without macro. So yes, technicly its a cheating.


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