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Antiquities in ESO were introduced with the Greymoor chapter that released in May 2020. This system allows you to find leads throughout the world of Tamriel and then use those leads to find special items. These items can range from household furnishings to valuable treasures and pieces of gear to make you more powerful. To help you find these items, antiquities introduces two new skill lines, Scrying and Excavation, that will require 30 skill points to completely unlock. For the basics of this new system you can check out the video on the right from Brah We Got This and read on below.

To get started with the antiquities system you will need to go to Solitude in Western Skyrim and speak to Verita Numida in the Antiquarian Circle. She will give you a mission to learn about Scrying and Excavating using the Antiquarian Eye as a tool. You will not have to go very far for this mission as the item is just outside the building in a garden. Once you have completed the mission you will unlock the ability to scry for leads anywhere in Tamriel, but you will need to level your Scrying skill line to look for leads above the blue level.

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After you have completed the tutorial, you will be able to scry green and blue leads anywhere in Tamriel. You can see what leads you have available for scrying by opening your journal and clicking on the antiquarian eye symbol. Once here you can select “Scryable” to see what leads are available to scry in the zone you are currently in. You will also see a list of every zone in the game, and clicking on these zones will allow you to see what leads you have for that area. The “Codex” lists how many leads you have found and how many are available in that zone for that item, Under the name of the item you will also see how many you have found. As an example, in the image on the right you can see that for the “Tormentor’s Roller”, 0/3 leads have been discovered and 0 have been found. For the “Daedric Pillar of Torment”, 1/3 leads have been discovered and 1 has been found.

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Each zone has a green lead to get you started in that area, and when you find the green lead you will receive a blue lead that you can find as well. That blue lead will give you a purple lead that you will be able to scry as soon as you level up scrying. The starter green leads will always give you a blue lead as long as you have found the previous blue lead, but you will only get 1 purple lead total from the blue leads. So, as an example, you scry the starter green lead and you get a blue lead from that. Next, you go and get the blue lead and you get a purple lead when you find that one. Once you find that purple lead, you start over by getting the next green lead, and find a second blue lead. That second blue lead will get you an item, but no further purple leads.

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One way to grind out levels using this system is to go to a small zone, such as Khenarthi’s Roost, and rotate between green and blue leads until you max out scrying and excavation. Doing it this way will net you a lot of gold from selling items as well as level your skill lines, but is a very long and boring way to go about it. Another way to level is to just visit each zone and scry until you have 3/3 green and blue leads and 1/1 purple leads then move on to the next zone. This can take a little longer if you do not have wayshrines in each zone, but is a more exciting way to see the map and feel like an adventurer looking for treasure!

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When you first start scrying it can seem a little confusing and over complicated, but with time and tools you unlock along the way it becomes very easy to do. To start scrying an item, click on “Scryable” in the menu mentioned above and select a lead to scry. Upon doing this you will be greeted with the Antiquarian Eye interface on the right. The 6 empty hexagons with the glowing outlines are “Dig Sites” (officially called foci) and you want to connect all of these in the fewest possible moves. You can accomplish this by selecting the hexagons that have the same icon inside them (called facets).

When you have a group of like facets together you will see the group highlight as shown on the right. Clicking on this group will lock them in and use a portion of the bar at the bottom of the eye next to the arrow in the image. This bar indicates the moves you have left to connect all the foci. On lower level leads, you will have more moves available to accomplish this and you will unlock tools that help out substantially as you level up. If you aren’t able to connect all of them before the moves run out you will still be able to find the item, you will just have to visit more sites to do so.

To help you connect the foci, you can unlock tools as you level the scrying skill:

  • Coalescence will make all of the facets in a given area match based on the facet at the center of your selection. See Figure 1 below for a visual of this. You will need to level it up to increase the size of the affected area.
  • Dilation will highlight all the facets of the same type that are touching the facets you have already locked. This effect is shown in Figure 2 below.
  • Farsight will allow you to claim all the facets in a row regardless of the symbol inside them. This affect is shown in Figure 3 below.

These tools do not use up your moves but instead use charges. When you first begin scrying you will not have any charges or tools available, but as you level the skill you unlock tools and up to 3 charges to be used. Claiming foci replenishes the charges at the rate of 1/2 charge per foci. So if you use a charge for a tool you will need to claim 2 foci to get that charge back.

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Once you have completed scrying with the antiquarian eye a map will pop up with all the possible sites where the antiquity could be. If you captured all the foci you will only see 1 dig site, but if you missed any you will have up to 6 potential dig sites. You can go back in and scry the item again to try and narrow down the sites or you can go to each one and try your luck to see if that is the correct site. If it is not the correct site you will get a random low level treasure item when you attempt to dig up the antiquity. Go to the area highlighted on the map to begin searching for the dig site.

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Once you arrive in the area you will want to use the antiquarian eye to help you find the dig site. You can do this by opening your quick slot menu and adding the antiquarian eye from the “Tools” section onto the quick slot wheel. Then just select the eye from the wheel and use as you would any other quick slot item.

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Upon using the antiquarian eye inside the potential dig site zone you will see a blue ball of light pop up and point the way to the dig site. You can only use the eye once every 30 seconds, so go in a straight line following the direction the tail is pointing until you find the dig site or are able to use the eye again. Once you find the dig site, select it to begin the excavation mini-game.

The excavation mini game allows you to dig up the antiquity using a variety of tools that you will unlock as you level. To begin with you will have the antiquarian eye and a brush, but as you progress you will unlock the trowel and large shovel to help you remove more dirt at a time. Beginner dig sites will usually be shallower and have no obstacles in the way, and higher level sites will introduce gas pockets and deeper levels of dirt to be removed. Gas pockets can be mitigated using the trowel at higher levels, but they can also blow up the antiquity if you are not careful. The bar at the very top tells you how much time you have left to dig up the item, with each click taking some time off.

The red bar below the time bar indicates the health of the antiquity. The higher level items have only a single point of health and the lower level items have up to 4 points. You can damage the antiquity by using the shovels to dig too many layers of dirt at once on top of it or by hitting the gas pockets in the dig site. Once you level the trowel, you will be able to use it to safely remove these gas pockets and even use some of them to remove all the dirt between two gas pockets.

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To begin the excavation use the antiquarian eye to locate the antiquity. Do this by selecting the eye and clicking anywhere in the dig site. There are 4 possible colors that can come up when you click, helping to narrow down how close you are. Red means you are not close to the antiquity at all, orange means you are in the general area, yellow means you are close and green means you are directly over the antiquity. There will be a white outline surrounding the square after you click it, indicating the boundary of the search area.

If the square is red or orange you need to go outside the boundary to find the item, if it is yellow you will find the item inside the boundary. So even if you don’t get a green box you can narrow down the most likely location based on the areas overlapping the yellow boxes. If for some reason you are unable to excavate the antiquity, like if it gets destroyed or you run out of time, a new dig site will be created in the same area you found the previous site and you will have to start over with excavation.

Once you have determined the location of the antiquity you will need to begin digging. At lower levels you will only have the brush unlocked. This tool will clear a single layer of dirt in one square. Select the tool and click on each square over the antiquity until you have exposed the entire item. Once you have uncovered the antiquity you will be able to use any additional time to uncover bonus items. These bonus items will range from gold to treasures you can sell to merchants. Lower level sites will have 1 bonus item and you can get as many as 3 bonus items in the higher level sites.

As you level the excavation skill line you will unlock the trowel and the shovel. These tools require you to build up intuition, seen in the images below as the blue bar between them. Intuition is earned by using the brush and you gain half a bar of intuition for each use of the brush. You will get 1 bar of intuition to fill up when you unlock the trowel, and leveling the skill will get you a total of 2 bars. The more intuition you have, the more dirt that is cleared away with each click. At max level you have a chance to use the trowel or shovel without consuming intuition, meaning you can use it 2 or more times in a row to clear massive amounts of dirt. As shown in the images below, these tools have some very specific purposes to help you during excavation. The trowel can be used, once leveled enough, to blow up gas deposits and remove all of the dirt between two deposits. The shovel will remove all dirt in a square area equal to the level of the dirt in the middle of the square. In the example you can see that the lower part of the square is highlighted and the top most portion is not. The highlighted parts will be removed and anything else will be untouched. You can use this to your advantage to clear a lot of dirt from a specific area without harming the antiquity.

Once you have determined the location of the antiquity you will need to begin digging. At lower levels you will only have the brush unlocked. This tool will clear a single layer of dirt in one square. Select the tool and click on each square over the antiquity until you have exposed the entire item. Once you have uncovered the antiquity you will be able to use any additional time to uncover bonus items. These bonus items will range from gold to treasures you can sell to merchants. Lower level sites will have 1 bonus item and you can get as many as 3 bonus items in the higher level sites.

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What are the best Antiquities eso? ›

NEW ESO High Isle Leads – Antiquities
Antique Map of High IsleGreenSimple
Ancient Mariner's SextantGreenIntermediate
Stonelore Circle EffigyBlueAdvanced
Orichalcum Burial UrnPurpleAdvanced
4 more rows
Jun 24, 2022

How do you complete Antiquities in eso? ›

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How do you get better at scry in eso? ›

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What is the fastest way to level Scrying? ›

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How many times can you scry? ›

You start off with at least one green lead in each zone which you can keep scrying as much as you want. Blue and higher leads allow you to scry them only once per lead. Once you've scryed and excavated an antiquity with a blue or higher lead, you'll have to get another lead in order to scry it again.

Do you need Greymoor for Antiquities? ›

You can get them without owning Greymoor, but you need to buy the new chapter to use them. Then, once you've settled on the lead you want to pursue, you need to 'scry' it. Scrying, along with excavation, is one of the two mini-games you'll need to get to grips with before you can lay your hands on your lovely loot.

How do you get mythic items in eso? ›

Mythic Items in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) are special unique Equipment added with the Greymoor Expansion. These items can only be obtained by completing Antiquity hunts, using your Scrying Skills and Excavation Skills.

What is the point of scrying eso? ›

Scrying is a World Skill in Elder Scrolls Online that allows players to hunt down hidden antiques and historical artifacts, some of which can be used by the player as furnishings and gear. Scrying is a new and exciting way to get awesome rewards and explore unknown areas of beloved maps.

How do you make money scrying? ›

How To Farm MYTHICS While Making BANK Skill & Money Making Guide

Where can I find scrying leads? ›

You can scry a lead by accessing your Antiquities Codex menu (via your Journal or zone map) and then completing the mini-game. You can only scry a lead if you are within its zone.

Do XP scrolls affect Scrying? ›

No. Scrying and Excavation work like a 'guild' skill line. They can only be leveled using their specific method and are not impacted by exp boosts of any kind.

How do you get purple leads in eso? ›

Purple quality Leads are like blue Leads: they will disappear after you acquire the goods. Unlike blue quality Leads you only get one purple Lead for the same zone from digging, so you will need to rotate across ALL of Tamriel to grab new Purple leads.

How do I get antiquarian's eye eso? ›

The Antiquarian's Eye is an item used for scrying and finding antiquities at dig sites. It is obtained after the quest "The Antiquarian Circle."

What is the point of Antiquities ESO? ›

It allows you to scry the location of Tamriel's hidden relics and treasures, and then excavate them. By participating in the Antiquities system, you can earn rewards including collectibles (furnishings, mounts, and more) and riches, plus you can even uncover the region's secret histories and lore.

Are Antiquities account wide ESO? ›

You don't need to be an Antiquarian to find them, but you do to use them. Some Leads may require you to have done other tasks before you can obtain them – exploring a zone, completing a quest, or digging up other Antiquities. Leads are account-wide.

Do you need Greymoor for Antiquities? ›

You can get them without owning Greymoor, but you need to buy the new chapter to use them. Then, once you've settled on the lead you want to pursue, you need to 'scry' it. Scrying, along with excavation, is one of the two mini-games you'll need to get to grips with before you can lay your hands on your lovely loot.

How do I get the ring of pale in order? ›

The Pale Order's Golden Band is the easiest lead to get for the Ring Of The Pale Order. You simply need to travel into Blackreach under The Reach region through one of the Dwarven lifts in the zone and enter Nighthollow Keep.

The Antiquities System Guide will include both a showcase and a how to of the Scrying and Excavation skill-line lines.. The Antiquities System also has two new skill-lines Scrying and Excavation .. Both of these will make it easier for you to successfully scry and excavate Antiquities.. Scrying = Uncover hidden loot location in Tamriel Excavation = Digging process. “Leads” in the Antiquities System are account bound.. How do I find or get Mythic Items from the Antiquities System?. To get Mythic items you need to find five separate leads that will give you a piece of the item.

Step 3 of 3 Verita Numida will have you grab the Antiquarian’s Eye from the nearby bench and eventually head downstairs to talk with another individual before stepping out the back door to perform your first excavation!. Open your Quick Slot menu (press “I” to open your Inventory and then “Q” to open your quick-wheel on PC) and drag the Antiquarian’s Eye on to your quick-wheel and use it when you are at your excavation site.. Scrying is a mini-game where you start in the bottom center and, using a limited number of moves, try to form a connection to6 glowing hexagons located around the Scry.. Description Removes a single layer of soil or rock while excavating.. Heavy Shovel Removes an entire layer of large rocks, small rocks, and dirt in a 3×3 grid.. Description Removes a full layer of dirt and rock within a large areaThe shovel only affects a single contiguous height of dirt and rocks.. Each time you finish a full cycle of of both Scrying and Excavating an item, you will gain XP in BOTH skill lines.. Skill Points You will need 27 Skill Points to max out the Scrying and Excavating skill lines.. Levels 1 through 5 For these Levels, we will travel to Artaeum due to its small size and churn through artifacts in rapid succession.. Level 5 Every new zone you do will give you 3 free leads allowing you to dig up one green, blue and purple artifact through normal Scrying and Excavation means giving you an easy 9 XP per skill line for each zone complete.

To help you find these items, Antiquities introduces Two New Skill Lines, Scrying & Excavation, that will require 30 Skill Points to completely unlock.. Once you have completed the Quest you will Unlock the ability to Scry for Leads anywhere in Tamriel, however you will need to level your Scrying skill Line to look for Leads above the Blue Level.. Another way to Level your Scrying & Excavation is to just visit each Zone & Scry until you have 3/3 Green & Blue Leads & 1/1 Purple Leads then move on to the next Zone.. To help you connect the Foci, you can unlock Tools as you Level Up the Scrying Skill:. To begin with you will have the Antiquarian Eye & a Brush, but as you progress you will also unlock the Trowel & Large Shovel to help you remove more dirt at a time.. To begin the Excavation use the Antiquarian Eye to locate the Antiquity.. Do this by selecting the Eye & clicking anywhere in the Dig Site.. As you level the Excavation Skill Line you will unlock the Trowel & the Shovel.

ESOAntiquities can be found all over Tamriel, they come through Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold Leads.. You get two new skill lines, Scrying and Excavation, you find them under the subheading “World”.You level them by scrying leads and excavating ESO Antiquities.. However, you are not able to scry for any of them if you are not in the right zone and have enough experience in Scrying.You can always scry for green leads, but you need level 3 in Antiquarian Insight for Blue Leads, level 5 for Purple Lead, level 7 for Gold leads, and level 10 for Ultimate Leads (orange).. Antiquities Green Lead. Some Gold Leads can give you Mythical item parts.You need to be Scrying level 7 and have skill points set in Antiquarians Insight to use Gold Leads, but you don’t need it to find Gold Leads they can drop for anyone.. Antiquities Gold Lead. Two reasons to power level ESO Antiquities skill lines, one is to be able to spot chests faster, the other and probably why most people power level Antiquities is to be able to scye for Ultimate Leads that can be combined into Mythical items like the Snow Treaders.. Y ou can also find leads in Dungeons, Chests, Harvest Notes, random mobs drop them, and you get a Blue Lead by Excavating Green Leads and Purple Leads first time you Excavate a Blue Lead in each Zone.

Scrying and Excavation are two of the World Skills available in The Elder Scrolls Online that are used to guide players to hidden Antiquities, one type of treasure that can be found in Tamriel.. To begin hunting for Antiquities, players will need to complete the quest "The Antiquarian Circle" found in Western Skyrim.. SCREENRANT VIDEO OF THE DAY Antiquity Leads are the items players of Elder Scrolls Online will need to hunt down to scry for an Antiquity's location.. Players can begin the Scrying minigame by selecting the desired lead from their journal in Elder Scrolls Online , though Scrying is only possible when in the correct zone.. Once one possible placement for the Antiquity is circled on the map, players can begin searching for its hidden location in Elder Scrolls Online .. Dig sites are where the Excavation minigame is played inside of Elder Scrolls Online .. Advancing in the Excavation skill line can give players more time to dig and unlock more efficient tools.. About The Author. Chelsie Thompson. (44 Articles Published) Chelsie Thompson is a writer for Screen Rant, writing Game Features and Game Guides.

Unlocking Skill lines Obtaining Leads Scrying Power leveling. Interacting with this poster will start the quest “The Antiquarian Circle”.. There are three activities associated with Antiquities. If you don’t have any leads, there are built-in leads for each zone that are repeatable.. Scrying is the process of determining the location of relics’ dig sites.. If you are successful connecting a path to all of the circles, the dig site will be revealed on the world region map.. Increase Antiquarian’s Insight II in the Antiquity skill line to unlock blue antiquities.. Unlock Antiquarian’s Insight IV (Rank 7) Dig up every Yellow lead in your scrying list.. Unlock Antiquarian Insight V (Rank 10). Locating the relic is best explained as a process of elimination.. As you attempt more difficult excavations, fissures will start to appear on your excavation map.

Indem ihr das Antiquitätensystem nutzt, könnt ihr euch Belohnungen wie etwa Sammlungsstücke (Einrichtungsgegenstände, Reittiere und mehr) und Reichtümer verdienen und darüber hinaus die geheimen Geschichten und Hintergründe der jeweiligen Region enthüllen.. Seit Veröffentlichung des neuen Systems gibt es im westlichen Himmelsrand und nahezu allen Gebieten des Grundspiels, in Kapiteln und DLC-Gebieten (inklusive mancher, bei denen ihr dies vielleicht nicht erwartet) Antiquitäten, die ihr ausfindig machen und ausgraben könnt.. Ihr könnt Spuren bekommen, bevor ihr das Kapitel Greymoor habt, werdet diese aber nicht nutzen können, bis ihr das Kapitel besitzt und die erste Quest des Antiquarenzirkels abgeschlossen habt.. Quelle: Zenimax. Beim Erspähen benutzt ihr ein rätselhaftes Relikt (das ihr überreicht bekommt, wenn ihr dem Zirkel beitretet) namens Auge des Antiquars, um den wahren Standort einer Antiquität zu ermitteln.. Wenn ihr an einer Grabungsstätte seid, könnt ihr das Auge des Antiquars über die Schnellleiste benutzen, sodass es euch auf den Punkt hinweist, an dem ihr graben müsst - wie praktisch!

Upon acquiring a zone's Simple Antiquity you will automatically gain a Lead on an Intermediate Antiquity; also the first time you gain an Intermediate Antiquity in any given zone you will find a Lead on a Master item.. Intermediate (blue) and higher difficulty Antiquities can reportedly only be completed once (although the Quest Journal states you require a new Lead rather than that it is already complete, so future experience through RNG may prove this false).I had heard rumors that all intermediate/blue and higher difficulty Antiquities could only be done once and never repeated, but have personally seen this proven false ; for most antiquities you simply need to acquire another copy of that item's Lead.. Passive3Antiquarian Insight IIAllows you to scry for Antiquities of up to Intermediate difficulty.Passive4Future FocusGrants you an additional Magicka Charge for use in Augury.Passive4DilationClaim all facets of the selected type that touch your area of control, as well as matching facets directly adjacent.Consumes 1 Magicka Charge.. If you fail to successfully excavate an Antiquity at its true site, you will be pointed to another Excavation within the same Dig Site where that type of Antiquity can be found.. Also generates Intuition, allowing for more advanced digging techniques.PassiveautomaticAugurIndicates how near the Antiquity is to the selected location.Passive2TrowelRemoves deep but narrow portion of soil and rock while excavating.Passive2Keen Eye: Dig SitesAntiquity Dig Sites will be easier to see when you are within 20 meters.Passive3Excavator's ReservesIncreases the amount of time you have available when excavating a dig site.Passive4Keen Eye: Dig Sites IIAntiquity Dig Sites will be easier to see when you are within 30 meters.Passive4Heavy ShovelRemoves a full layer of dirt and rocks within a large area.. The following bugs have been noted by guildmates or through the forums: TriggerDescriptionWork-Aroundusing the Antiquarian's Eye from a quickslot within a Dig Siteerror claims the Antiquarian's Eye can only be used within a Dig Site while you are located well-within a Dig Site/reloadui, then useusing the Augur while searching for a gold-level itemguildie reports that the Augur lies: item not located under a green square but instead under a yellow square nearbynone knownExcavation time's upbeing told you failed despite fully revealing the itemdo it over at new Excavation site within the same Dig Site zonefailure to hit E after scrying Dig Site locationlocation guide can get screwed up and require a new scrying attempt if E is not pressed when it says "E for Continue" after finding the Dig Sitebe sure to press EtriggerdescriptionfixWant to check out another topic?

The green-colored Antiquities leads for any specific map can be found from sources in that particular zone, like treasure map chests, safeboxes, mob drops, nodes, etc.. For example, the Alik’r Desert Heartland purple lead can be found in a quest reward chest in Cyrodiil.. For the Antique Maps from the specific zone, you might need the corresponding Pathfinder Achievement completed in order for the specific merchants to start selling the leads.. Hidden Entry NameTypeCodex Ancestral Nord: Leg Greaves Motif Chapter1 Antique Map of Eastmarch Furnishing3 Nord Copper Shield Boss Treasure3 Wolf-head Brooch Treasure3 Ancestral Nord: Shields Motif Chapter1 Royal Ivory Hilt Treasure1 Sacred Chalice of Ysgramor Furnishing3 Ebon Dwarven Wolf Mount17 Carved Whale Totem Furnishing3 Snow Treaders Feet15 Glenumbra Antiquities Leads – Daggerfall Covenant. Hidden Entry NameTypeCodex Ancestral Elf: Axes Motif Chapter1 Ancestral Elf: Belts Motif Chapter1 Khenarthi Skooma Pipe Treasure3 Ancestral Elf: Helmets Motif Chapter1 Ancestral Elf: Staves Motif Chapter1 Ancient Fishing Rod Treasure3 Pilazjo’s Training Blade Treasure1 Sweet Khenarthi’s Song Furnishing3 Cat’s Eye Prism Furnishing3 Bloodlord’s Embrace Chest15 Malabal Tor Antiquities Leads – Aldmeri Dominion. Hidden Entry NameTypeCodex Ancestral Nord: Bows Motif Chapter1 Antique Map of Stonefalls Furnishing3 Nedic Wineskin Treasure3 Bronzed War Horn Treasure3 Ancestral Nord: Chest Pieces Motif Chapter1 Ashen Infernace Gate Furnishing3 Chimer Military Insignia Treasure1 Fire Lancer Container3 Ebon Dwarven Wolf Mount17 Torc of Tonal Constancy Neck15 Stormhaven Antiquities Leads – Daggerfall Covenant

Every Mythic Item in Elder Scrolls Online is tied to the Antiquities system, which allows players to Scry and Excavate antiquities throughout Tamriel by solving Leads.. To be able to solve the Leads associated with each of these ESO Mythic Items in the first place, players must level up their Scrying to at least Level 7.. Every Mythic Item is tied to five master-level Leads, so be sure to grind Blue and Purple Leads in zones throughout Elder Scrolls Online to get to this perk in the Scrying tree.. The power of both the Physical Damage explosion and the Damage Shield granted to players is based on the total number of stacks spent.. Lead NameZoneLead LocationDov-Rha Sabaton GuardDungeon - Lair of MaarselokChance to drop from Maarselok, the final bossDov-Rha Sabaton HeelDungeon - SunspireChance to drop from any Dragon in the dungeonDov-Rha Sabaton LamesNorthern ElsweyrChance to be found in any Safebox in the zoneDov-Rha Sabaton PoleynDungeon - Moongrave FaneChance to drop from any enemy in the dungeonDov-Rha Sabaton Toe CapSouthern ElsweyrChance to be included with Psijic Portal rewards. It's hard to time the invincibility granted by Dodge Rolling in combat sometimes, and this Mythic item gives players a different, perhaps easier to grasp, way to mitigate massive incoming damage.. The Mora's Whispers Mythic Item is the only Mythic Item that is tied to Shalidor's Library.

One Item Set The Ring Of The Wild Hunt - Increases your movement speed by 15% while in combat.. Each stack increases your Spell Damage by 150, but also increases your damage taken by 2%.. One Item Set The Malacath's Band Of Brutality - Increases your damage done by 25%.. Info: Group, its last Boss.. Goblet Gorget Lead Locations Location: Spindleclutch I Group Dungeon - The Whisperer Boss. Info: Group, its last Boss. Torc Strand of Power Lead Locations Location: Druitularg's Ritual Altar World Boss. Each stack of Escalating Fete increases your Maximum Stamina, Health, and Magicka by 150.. Shapeshifter's Chain Neck : Adds 169 Stamina Recovery, BLOODTHIRSTY Increases your Weapon and Spell Damage against enemies under 90% Health by up to 350.. (1 item) While at full Health, you gain 40% damage reduction.. After taking damage while at full Health in combat, you gain Serpent's Rebuke for 10 seconds, snaring yourself by 40% and gaining Major Berserk and Major Courage, increasing your damage done by 10% and Weapon and Spell Damage by 430.

Antiquities is a new treasure hunting game mechanic in ESO that challenges players to hunt down and excavate brand new items.. Follow Leads and Scry your way through Tamriel to track and collect new gear, furnishing, mythical items, and much more.. This new system of Antiquities unlocks two new skill lines for your hero to level; Scrying and Excavation.. Scrying is essentially the hunting or searching portion of the challenge, completing a scry will unveil the location of the artifact.. ESO – Antiquities – Complete guide to scrying and excavation by CED ESO. In order to level up in the Antiquities skill lines, you will have to scry, excavate, and repeat.. Here are a few resources that go into great detail about how to go about leveling in the new Antiquities system in Elder Scrolls Online.. Dottz Gaming is quite the expert in all things Elder Scrolls Online, and he has created a fantastic quick leveling guide for players who want to level antiquities quickly in ESO.. Another great resource in this guide is the Mythic Item Leads where the author depicts all the locations of the pieces for creating mythic grade items.. These items are unique to the antiquities system, and will only drop by scrying leads and hunting them down.. Mythic items are created with multiple smaller items that need to also be hunted down throughout Tamriel.. In addition to the official Elder Scrolls Mythic Items page, and the we have found the next best resources that notate the whereabouts of these mythic grade items.. ESO Antiquities Mythic Items is a quick, to the point, table that depicts; the item, the quality, the location, and the source.. The Mythic Items Locations List is a resource that goes into a bit more detail about each fully created mythic item and where to find the mythical pieces to put them together.


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(Exploration Gaming ESO)
2. ESO Scrying Guide (How to Level, Get Tons of Treasures, and Utilize Passives)
3. ESO - Antiquities - Complete guide to scrying and excavation
4. ESO Complete Gold Grind Guide for 2022 | Methods for Any Level!
(Brah We Got This)
5. ESO Antiquities - Scrying and Excavating Strategy Guide
(Lucky Ghost)
6. $1 MILLION GOLD from doing this simple Daily Quest in ESO.
(Exploration Gaming ESO)

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