Door Knobs in Vintage & Antique Styles (2022)

We are the restoration specialists offering you thousands of new reproduction door knobs online across an exhaustive range of styles, periods and materials. Whether you’re renovating an older style home, or choosing new door knobs for a contemporary build, we can help you choose timeless, classic designs that offer depth to the look and feel of every space.

With over 40 years of building and restoration experience, we offer our customers a dedicated and personalised shopping experience. Choosing door knobs can seem like an overwhelming task. Often the finishers and accents like door handles and furniture handles are chosen toward the end of long and gruelling design and build process. Choosing types of door handles should be the most exciting part of the build because that’s when you get to really get your decorator’s hands dirty and start leaving personal fingerprints in the overall look and feel of your space. Often, however, it’s the most overwhelming. The difference between lever door handles and tear drop handles could completely change the entire tone of a space not to mention the long term function of a particular door. There’s a lot to consider and you can never be quite sure how well the entire design look will really feel until you’re living in the space.

How to choose door knobs

We are experienced builders and restoration specialists, so we know a lot about door knobs from specific period designs through to spindle sizes and mortice locks. If you are a bit overwhelmed by the wealth of choice, we’re happy to help. You can drop us a quick line and ask us for advice or you can take advantage of our free door scheduling service. If you send us your house plans or a list of the doors your shopping for, as well as the style you’re planning, we can arrange a detail quote of design suggestions including everything you need to order.

If you’d prefer to take a gander at the designs on offer yourself and feel your way through the options, then we’ve put together some interesting bits of information you might find useful come the final choosing.

Firstly, what is the style you’re looking for? If you have renovated an existing space or you are restoring an older style home, then you will already have a particular style in mind. Our range of door knobs include authentic looking reproductions that can easily replace existing Federation style and vintage door handles. Search our selection of brass handles for a classic Victorian look or our silver door knobs perfect for evoking tones like French Provincial chic as well as contemporary sleekness. Copper and gold door knobs can both soften and harden a piece of furniture or a door. When paired with warm woods, copper and gold tend to reflect the tones around them, catching and reflecting both natural and artificial light in soft and warm tones as well. When they’re paired with bolder colours like matte black or white, they can stand out starkly and regally, accented areas and pieces.

This is particularly useful for anyone seeking to revamp and reenergise older furniture pieces. Often timber furniture can look dated and boring until the door knobs and drawer handles are swapped out for something either contemporary or classic and timeless. You can easily claim another ten years out good quality timber furniture just by updating the different door handles. For something really bold, choose a collection of porcelain and different colour handles for the same piece, like a tall boy or wardrobe. Against plain timber grain, colours and textures can really pop and offer old furniture pieces a new and fun personality.

Bohemian interior design relies on a mis-mash of elements including colour and textures. Bolder soft furnishings can be balanced with crisply finished door knobs like antique brass and chunky furniture ring pulls. The simple finish on a door knob can lend your furniture or door the effect of a blank canvas that you can build on with other decorative elements like coloured hangings and carpets.

If you’re searching for bathroom door knobs for your vanity unit then consider pairing materials with your tapware selection. Design aesthetics for rooms like bathrooms and laundries can greatly benefit from clear and consistent styling. The effect generated by matching materials draws the room together and gives it clean look and feel that mis-matched materials cannot. For contemporary spaces, simple is often best. Choose a style and stick with it in all of your wet rooms. The synergy between the spaces will help to pull together the total design of your home.

After you’ve settled on a particular style then comes the choice between round and straight. Round shapes are organic shapes and humans feel grounded and comfortable when they see arcs. Consider using this general rule for rooms like the bedroom and living room. Help evoke a sense of calm and relaxation in the spaces designed for lounging around and sleeping. Keep the sleeker kitchen T handles for functional spaces, for example.

If you’re choosing functional door knobs then take into account the height and weight of the door that your door knob is intended for. Will it be earmarked for a cupboard that’s going to get a lot of use? Will you need to open one drawer more often than others? Choose comfortable door knobs that marry function and design right from the outset. You are going to be using spaces like your kitchen, your home office and your bathroom a lot so comfortable and practicality should inform your final design choice as much as colour, material and texture.

When replacing door knobs like for like, you may need to know the hole size and spindle size. Not all door knobs, unfortunately, can always be replaced with a reproduction version so if you only need one knob from double door handles, you may struggle to find the exact one that fits. Our extensive range of authentic looking reproduction door knobs has been collected for exactly that eventuality. If you’re unsure whether you can replace your desired door knob with a reproduction version, then send us a quick message and we can answer for you. Often if we don’t have precisely what you’re looking for in stock then we know where we can get it, whether we can make a quick modification to an existing product or, at the very least, point in the direction of where we think you may be able to find it. Each customer enjoys a personalised shopping experience at Restoration Online.

When you order any of our door knobs, one of our knowledgeable staff members will take a quick look over your order before it’s sent out. We’ll check for things like sizes and consistency amongst the styles chosen and flag anything that we think might not be quite right with you before we ship your order out. We can also check to make sure you have absolutely everything you need to install and use your new door knobs straight away too. Saving you time and aggravation is all part of the service.

Browse our range of door knobs online for the perfect piece for your doors, furniture, cabinets and decorative pieces.

Door Knob Handles Australia

Struggling to find a good range of door handles near you? Shop door knobs online from anywhere in Australia and we will deliver them to your door. We service and ship our door knob handles to all metro and regional areas of Australia including Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Hobart. Our collection of round and oval door knobs is among the most comprehensive in Australia, we offer over 2000 different oval and round door knobs in a huge range of finishes such as black, satin and brushed brass, oil rubbed bronze, polished and satin nickel, antique brass and antique copper and many more. If you’re looking for a knob from a certain era why not browse our art deco door knobs or bungalow door knobs. Whatever finish or style you’re after, browse our door knobs & handles today and you’ll be sure to find something that fits.

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