9 of the rarest items in World of Warcraft history (2022)

9 of the rarest items in World of Warcraft history (1)

Azeroth is a realm full of obscure rarities and curiosities, and I'm not just talking about the mounts that drop from a raid boss or that one Darkmoon trinket, either. In World of Warcraft, there's rare and then there's rare. I love standing in Ironforge, mouth agape, as some OG veteran struts in with a mount, a transmogged weapon, or a vanity pet that took him 10,000 hours to farm. Maybe I should regard them with pity—I wouldn't wish 10,000 hours of farming on my worst enemy—but for a brief moment, I'm consumed with envy.

So, in tribute to all those obsessive types out there, here are just a few of the rarest items in World of Warcraft. Some of these are still obtainable, some of them have been removed from the game, and some take some creative engineering—some numbers fudging—to unlock. One thing is guaranteed, though: each of the items below will make you look extremely cool to a very, very specific portion of the population.

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Brawler's Harness

This is a cruel joke, really. The Brawler's Harness is a skimpy, leather-strapped shirt that level one trolls, undead, and orcs found in their bag upon creating their character back in the early days of Warcraft. It was as close to a null-value item you could get, considering it was literally gifted upon spawning—no leveling, no grinding, and no money required. However, after the Cataclysm expansion, the Brawler's Harness was retired. It's no longer given out to newbies or otherwise obtainable, making the model exceedingly rare.

Today, the shirt routinely earns over 100,000 gold on the auction house because of how well it evokes a beefy barbarian look in certain transmogs. It's the equivalent of sitting on a horde of alpha Magic: The Gathering boosters from the '90s—you never know what might fetch value in the afterlife.

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Chromatic Sword

This is another random, low-level item that saw its value spike after the Cataclysm revamp. The biggest difference being that the Chromatic Sword was uncommon enough in its heyday for it to make a little more sense. It's a one-hander that dropped from a rare-spawn monster—back when that meant something—in Stranglethorn Vale, and notable for the rainbow sheen that sparkles off the blade. But, like the Brawler's Harness, Chromatic Sword was lost to time after Deathwing's insurrection. Blizzard never reintegrated the model into Azeroth, making the weapon a holy grail for transmog fetishizers.

According to TradeSkillMaster (opens in new tab), the Sword's market value sits around 500,000 gold, which is a very spicy meatball indeed.

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Xorothian Firestick

Back in the day, World of Warcraft had all these strange, D&D-esque class-flavor wrinkles. For instance, Warlocks once needed to complete a long quest chain to unlock their epic mount, and to do that, they needed to go into Dire Maul with a party and kill an optional boss only they could summon. That wasn't a huge deal, because that boss had its own loot table which included this cool Imperial China-inspired firearm that hunters could pick up off the corpse.

Here's the thing, though: that quest is now gone from the game, and the only people who can still summon the boss are those who completed it back when it was available. Obviously, as the years pile on, there are fewer and fewer Warlocks around Azeroth who have that kind of pedigree. (If you do find someone willing to make that run with you, please reward them handsomely. They are officially your sugar daddy—or momma.)

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Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider

According to community lore, the Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider was given to an EU player named Neshe by a GM back in Vanilla, after he accidentally deleted his mount from his backpack. The only problem was that this particular Mechanostrider wasn't actually available to players. The GM made a mistake, and bestowed a one-of-a-kind item to a random Azerothian. The mount wasn't particularly distinct—just a palette swap from the other options—and perhaps that's why Blizzard authorities made the charitable decision to leave the mount on Neshe's account, which quickly made him something of a folk hero in-game.

Much later, during the Warlords of Draenor cycle, Neshe was caught selling his Warcraft account online at an exorbitant price to try and cash in one the one-of-a-kind asset he'd been sitting on for years. Blizzard caught him, banned him, and deleted the mount from his inventory, which has permanently ensured that the Fluorescent Green Mechanostrider will be one of the rarest items in videogame history. At least until another GM goofs up again, I guess.

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Big Love Rocket

Blizzard has always been a big fan of baking holiday-specific events into Azeroth, and today the most notorious example might be the Valentine's Day-adjacent "Love is in the Air" soiree that rains lust and jealousy over the capital cities. Mount collectors obsess over this event because it's your only chance to unearth a one-of-a-kind mount called the Big Love Rocket—seriously, that's the name. The only issue is that the mount can only be looted exactly once per day, and only during the two weeks that Love is in the Air lasts.

Oh, also, the drop rate is about one in 3,333. Happy hunting! Don't go insane!

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Black Qiraji Battle Tank

This might be my favorite item on this list because it represents Blizzard's Warcraft game design and social engineering at its boldest. Way back in the mists of time, long before there was a giant sword sticking out of Silithus, Blizzard released a raid called Ahn'Qiraj. It represented the next tier of dungeoneering after Blackwing Lair, and it required one player on the realm to complete this ridiculous, globe-trotting quest chain (complete with its own custom boss encounters) to craft a mallet that would formally open its doors. Your reward for completing the gauntlet and propelling your comrades into the next phase of raid content? An obsidian bug mount exclusive to your character only.

It's been more than a decade since Ahn'Qiraj, and Blizzard still hasn't added another way to earn the Black Qiraji Battle Tank. I hope they never do.

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Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent

Another supremely rare mount, but also one that is totally achievable in-game, right now. All you have to do is fly out to Pandaria and dispatch the Sha of Anger. Once every eight billion times or whatever, it might drop this awesome, translucent sky-wyrm that will immediately bind to your account.

The Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent has become something like the ultimate white whale for hardcore mount people. The drop rate is just so apocalyptically low that you can read about people farming it on, like, 25 different characters every week for a bite at the apple. It will take you months. It might take you years. But also, damn, that sure is a cool mount, right?

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Miner's Hat of the Deep

Contrary to popular belief, this helmet is still obtainable in-game. It just also happens to be an unreasonably rare drop from random trash mobs inside the OG leveling dungeon, Uldaman. The Wowhead comments are hilarious, chock full of delirious war stories about endless farm runs that continually turn up empty. So why the fuss? Well, Miner's Hat of the Deep equips a candle on your character's forehead, making it one of the most idiosyncratic models in Warcraft. It's also Bind on Equip, which means it routinely fetches over five million gold on the auction house. After about 500 consecutive Uldaman clears, I'm sure you'll find your own. Good luck!

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Pendulum of Doom

And we're not done with Uldaman yet! Because somehow that dungeon has another rare drop that's caught the eye of enterprising transmog lifers. I give you Pendulum of Doom, a lowly two-handed axe with a scarlet engrave on the blade. I'll let the top comment on Wowhead, from a user named Nirv, take it from here.

"Finally this item dropped for me off of a Shrike Bat on my 7,331st Uldaman run. That's right: it took over seven thousand three hundred runs to see this item drop for the first time. I have screenshots and video and will be linking them here shortly."

You know what the definition of insanity is? Doing something 7,330 times and expecting a different result. 7,331 times, on the other hand, is totally fine and reasonable. Nirv has the video to prove it.

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What is the rarest item in World of Warcraft? ›

1 The Big Love Rocket

The Big Love Rocket is a mount that has an extremely rare drop rate from the Love Is In The Air Valentines' Day event. At a 1 in 3333 chance of dropping from an event players can only do once a day for two weeks, it might just be the rarest item in World of Warcraft.

What is the best item in WoW? ›

10 Most Powerful Items In Classic WoW
  1. 1 Truefaith Vestments. A purple item, these robes were short of legendary in name only.
  2. 2 Quel'Serrar. ...
  3. 3 Lucky Fishing Hat. ...
  4. 4 Lightforged Blade. ...
  5. 5 Corrupted Ashbringer. ...
  6. 6 Thunderfury, Blessed Blade Of The Windseeker. ...
  7. 7 Furbolg Medicine Pouch. ...
  8. 8 Headmaster's Charge. ...
17 Dec 2019

How many items are in WoW? ›

As the largest and most long-lasting MMORPG ever, World of Warcraft now contains over 116,000 different unique items. Not all are useful. As the largest and most long-lasting MMORPG ever, World of Warcraft now contains over 116,000 different unique items.

Why did sylvanas become Warchief? ›

At the start of Legion, Sylvanas is made Warchief after the sudden death of her predecessor. She goes from a shadowy manipulator to a front-facing leader, which doesn't truly pay off until the end of the events of Legion.

What is the sword of Azeroth? ›

The Sword of Sargeras (or the dark blade of Sargeras) is a gargantuan weapon "crafted from hatred made manifest" that the titan Sargeras used to impale Azeroth, gravely injuring its world-soul, as the final act of the Burning Crusade, during the Argus Campaign.

Is Obsidian worldbreaker rare? ›

Obsidian Worldbreaker is one of the rarest mounts in game currently obtainable only from the Black Market Auction House (BMAH) and it rarely sells for less than the maximum bid of 10,000,000 gold!

How rare is the Time Lost Proto Drake? ›

Time-Lost Proto-Drake is an extremely rare monster which occasionally appears among the mountains of The Storm Peaks. It is especially sought after because it has a 98% chance of dropping [Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake] when killed.

How rare is the infinite Timereaver? ›

If you are wondering, what is the drop chance of this WoW mount, the following information is for you. Reins of the Infinite Timereaver have an officially confirmed drop rate of ~1%. However, the rarity list indicates that it has a 1 in 4000 chance to drop bringing it to a staggering 0.025%.

What is the best classic weapon in WoW? ›

WoW Classic Phase 5 DPS Warrior Main Hand Weapons
BestDeath's StingRaid - Ahn'Qiraj
BestBlessed Qiraji War AxeRaid - Ahn'Qiraj
OptionalAncient Qiraji RipperRaid - Ahn'Qiraj
OptionalChromatically Tempered SwordRaid - Blackwing Lair
4 more rows

What does BoE mean in WoW? ›

BoE is short for Bind on Equip, a phrase used in the online role-playing game World of Warcraft, among others, for items that players can sell but not barter.

Can you sell bags wow? ›

Once you're speaking with the vendor you can open up your bags and right click on any items you want to sell. If it's something you think might fetch a pretty penny like silk, linens, etc. you might consider putting it in the auction instead. And there you have it.

Does skinning require a knife in Shadowlands? ›

Mining and skinning no longer require that you have a Mining Pick or a Skinning Knife in your bags, as of patch 5.0. 4. If you're thinking you missed this change in the patch notes, you didn't. It's not there.

Where do I sell stuff in wow? ›

If you go to a town (Quest hub), and hover over the NPC's there, you will find that some of them have a little 'bag' icon, or an 'anvil' icon. The bag means that you can sell, and the Anvil means that you can sell and repair your armor with them. Once you have found the NPC, Right click on them to open their 'shop'.

Why did Sylvanas eyes turn blue? ›

Her eye color change was likely due to the aura of her soul changing.

Who killed Arthas? ›

In World of Warcraft, Arthas is a raid boss and the primary antagonist of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. He was mortally wounded after a band of adventurers led by Tirion Fordring stormed his fortress, Icecrown Citadel, and defeated him in battle.

What race is Lady Sylvanas? ›

Sylvanas Windrunner
Race(s)Darkfallen (former high elf) / Banshee
ClassRanger Dark ranger Hunter
ResourceMana / Energy
10 more rows

Is Azeroth a Titan? ›

Azeroth is a nascent titan, or world-soul, growing within the core of the eponymous planet.

Who stabbed Silithus? ›

Background. The wound was formed when Sargeras destroyed the region by plunging his sword into Azeroth, damaging the titanic world-soul of the planet. Almost immediately after the wounding, Bilgewater Cartel goblins started mining Azerite, and SI:7 scouts were sent to investigate. Sargeras's sword impaled in Silithus.

How big is Sargeras? ›

Conversation. Wasn't made for this but Sargeras Sword in Silithus is 9532.88ft / 2905.62m long.

Can I still get deathwing mount? ›

It happened quite a while ago and the mount is no longer obtainable in the game. The only way to get it is to buy Obsidian Worldbreaker mount from the Black Market.

Does Sha of Anger drop a mount? ›

This mount is a rare drop from the sha of anger in Kun Lai summit as said before. As with all other cloud serpents, you have to be exalted with OotCS to be able to ride it.

How rare is ashes of al ar? ›

Ashes of Al'ar is a rare mount dropping from Kael'Thas boss in The Eye raid with 1.7% drop rate, farming it on your own may be a very boring and tedious task.

Can you buy the Time-Lost Proto-Drake? ›

Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake Mount. Here you can buy Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake mount boost and we will farm this mount for your collection in the shortest possible time. Time-Lost Proto-Drake mount also known as TLPD drops from a rare NPC in Storm Peaks.

How do I get Onyxia mount? ›

How to get the Reins of the Onyxian Drake (Onyxia Mount) - YouTube

How do you get Aeonaxx? ›

You must be in a party of 5 players or less to receive the mount, as Aeonaxx cannot be looted in a raid group. Once engaged into combat for 5 minutes, Aeonaxx enrages and gains the Wild Wrath buff. This causes Aeonaxx to gain speed and cast Fatal Bite, dealing 50% max health damage to his target.

What is the drop rate of invincible reins? ›

Invincible's Reins (Lich King mount) Invincible's Reins drop chance is 1% from The Lich King in the Icecrown Citadel raid. This mount drops very rarely, so it may take months to get it.

What do Timewarped badges buy? ›

Badges can used to purchase gear, items, heirlooms, toys , and mounts from four separate vendors. Vendors vary based on the expansion featured in the current timewalking event. Vendors are not available when there is no timewalking event active.

How do you get Marrowfang? ›

How to get Marrowfang's Reins? Marrowfang mount randomly drops from Nalthor the Rimebinder in The Necrotic Wake with 0.6% drop chance; the only realistic way of farming Marrowfang's Reins is to run The Necrotic Wake dungeon over and over with all your characters hoping for luck.

What is a Mourneblade? ›

Mourneblade is a high-level one-handed sword in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night with the power to heal Alucard as it strikes.

What happened to the doomhammer? ›

During a battle at the Heart of Azeroth, the Doomhammer falls from Thrall's grasp and into the Maelstrom, where it lands in Deepholm. After it is retrieved by Thrall, Stormcaller Mylra, and the new Farseer of the Earthen Ring, Thrall gives it to the Farseer and leaves to think.

Which whirlwind weapon is best for human? ›

If you are a human you should go get the sword because humans got +5 sword skill as racial. If you aren't a human you should go for the axe since it got the best DPS/Max damage.

Can hunters use 2H AXE? ›

Hunters are primarily dependent on Bows, Crossbows, and Guns, but can also equip a variety of 1H and 2H melee weapons: 1H Axes, 2H Axes, Daggers, Staves, Polearms, 1H Swords, 2H Swords.

What is the best weapon for warrior? ›

Elden Ring Best Warrior Weapons To Use
AScavenger's Curved Sword Causes blood loss buildup (45)Curved Sword Slash
AWing of AstelCurved Sword Slash
BZamor Curved Sword Causes blood loss buildup (65)Curved Greatsword Slash
CBandit's Curved SwordCurved Sword Slash
22 more rows
31 May 2022

Can a hunter use swords? ›

Hunter: One-handed axes, daggers, fist weapons, polearms, staves, swords, two-handed axes, two-handed swords, bows, crossbows, and guns. Hunters can also dual-wield one-handed weapons -- but shouldn't, since they do their best damage with ranged weapons which take both hands.

What does GF mean in wow? ›

Third definition of GF
Definition:Good Fight
Guessability:4: Guessable
Typical Users:Adults

What does BF mean in wow? ›

BC: Blackrock Caverns. BF: Hellfire Citadel: Blood Furnace.

What does GG mean in wow? ›

Forums: GG: Good game (often sarcastic)

How many bags can you have in wow? ›

In addition to four bags worn on a chartacter (and always accessible), characters may also purchase up to seven bag slots to expand bank capacity (limited accessability).

Where can I sell stuff in Stormwind? ›

The Trade District (also referred to as the Bazaar District) is just inside Stormwind City from the main gate. It is the place in the city where you can get most goods. The Guild Master is to the left in the Visitor's Center when you come in and can help you make a guild or a guild tabard.

Where can I buy bags in Stormwind? ›

Alyssa Griffith is a level 30 bag vendor located in the center of Old Town in the human city of Stormwind.

How can I get fast skin? ›

People may wish to try these general tips for getting clear skin fast.
  1. Avoid popping pimples. A pimple indicates trapped oil, sebum, and bacteria. ...
  2. Wash twice daily, and again after sweating. ...
  3. Avoid touching the face. ...
  4. Moisturize. ...
  5. Always wear sunscreen. ...
  6. Focus on gentle products. ...
  7. Avoid hot water. ...
  8. Use gentle cleansing devices.

Does skinning make money wow? ›

Skinning is perhaps the most rewarding of the gathering professions, and you'll be wise to take advantage of it. The materials are in high demand and are sold every minute and every hour. If you stock the Auction House, chances are that you'll get your gold on the same day!

Does Druid need skinning knife? ›

You can't skin something with claws, hence you need a skinning knife to do so.

Can you sell WoW mounts? ›

There are literally lots of awesome WoW mounts that sellers can sell through any player-to-player trading platform. Mounts are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after things in World of Warcraft and selling some of the high-caliber ones could be a great way to make huge profits.

What is the drop chance of invincible? ›

Invincible is one of the rarest mounts in World of Warcraft by drop rate. According to WoW item database and coverage site Wowhead, Invincible's Reins drop at a percentage mark of about one percent.

Who drops pendulum of doom? ›

Pendulum of Doom is an extremely low drop from Uldaman. Patch 2.3. 0 reduced the level of mobs in this instance, making the two-hand axe extremely hard to come by since there are only a very small number of mobs in the instance that can drop it.

Where does Teebu's Blazing Longsword drop? ›

It Drops off of anything that is high enough to drop it Lvl 60+ elites. Its not a zone specific drop so it will drop in UBRS or Scholo or Stratholme or MC or Onyxia's Lair.

Where do I turn in quel serrar? ›

Once the book(Foror's Compendium of Dragonslaying) is acquired, you will need to turn it in located in the Dire Maul library.

How rare is Raven Lord? ›

Reins of the Raven Lord Mount. Reins of the Raven Lord is one of the most iconic and cool-looking mounts in World of Warcraft. It is pretty rare as it has only a 1% drop chance from the Anzu at Heroic Sethekk Halls dungeon.

Does the Lich King drop a mount? ›

Invincible's Reins (Lich King mount) Invincible's Reins drop chance is 1% from The Lich King in the Icecrown Citadel raid. This mount drops very rarely, so it may take months to get it.

What mount drops from Karazhan? ›

Nightbane is a Secret Summonable Boss in the Karazhan dungeon that drops a mount of the same model. Smoldering Ember Wyrm was added in the game in order to give the players the unique mount model that has been asked for since the discovery of Nightbane in the old Karazhan raid.

Where is uldaman located? ›

Uldaman is a level 40-45 dungeon located in Badlands. Discovered as an ancient titan vault by the dwarves of Ironforge when excavating deep beneath the surface of the Khaz Mountains, the site has since been invaded by troggs and Shadowforge Dwarves, seeking to overtake the ruins.

How do I get Blade of Hanna? ›

This epic two-handed sword has an item level of 29. It is looted from Death Talon Wyrmguard. In the Two-Handed Swords category.

Where can I farm Teebu? ›

The Teebu is a BfA world drop, which means every single npc has roughly similar chance to drop it. Your best bet to get it is to join to a 2X4 group that farms one of the mounts in Drustwar, Voldun, Nazmir or Stormsong. You can also get it from the AH, I've got around 3 for 28k each.

Can you still get Teebus Blazing Longsword? ›

According to wowhead, this sword has dropped from junkboxes 6 times out of 54190 attempts, making it a 0,011% drop. It is still obtainable, but it is an incredibly rare drop. It is interesting to note that this sword is pictured on the box for the game, so this sword has been in-game since start.

Is Quel serrar good for DPS? ›

Quel'Serrar is an extremely good 1-handed sword that is excellent for Paladin and Warrior tanks. It can also be used by DPS Warriors.


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