26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (2022)

Here are some awesome Indoor Plants that Grow in Water without the mess of soil. You can grow them in clear vases and jars to use as a centerpiece!

If you are looking forward to having houseplants that grow without soil, then you have landed at the right place! Here are some interesting Indoor Plants that Grow in Water.

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Indoor Plants that Grow in Water

1. Philodendron

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (1)

Botanical Name: Philodendron

In all the philodendron species, heart-leaf philodendron is quite adaptable for growing in water. Keep a 6 inches long cutting in a clear glass jar or bowl in a location with bright indirect light. Don’t forget to change the water once in 3-4 days, and it’ll keep growing.

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2. Lucky Bamboo

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (2)

Botanical Name: Dracaena sanderiana

Famous for its forgiving nature, the lucky bamboo is one of the best indoor plants that grow in water. Narrow vases are perfect for this plant, depending on the size.

Make sure the roots are submerged in the water and add some gravel around them for firm placement.

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3. Pothos

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (3)

Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum

With its glossy heart-shaped foliage, pothos is one more option to go for. Grow it in water, in a clear fishbowl or vase and keep that on a shelf; cascading pothos leaves will look wonderful. Keep changing the water every few days to maintain the right oxygen level.

Here’s all you need to know about growing Pothos in water

4. Chinese Evergreen & Dumbcane

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (4)

Botanical Name: Aglaonema & Dieffenbachia

With variegated and leathery leaves having a silvery pattern, the dumb cane and Chinese evergreen plants can be grown in water. You can easily propagate the cuttings in a transparent vase filled with small aquarium rocks.

5. Spider Plant

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (5)

Botanical Name: Chlorophytum comosum

(Video) 14 Amazing Indoor Plants that grow in Water

Spider plants look quite interesting with their narrow arching foliage and baby spiderettes. You can either grow them permanently in a glass jar or change the cuttings into a new pot once they root. Keep changing the water every 2-3 days.

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6. Arrowhead Plant

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (6)

Botanical Name: Syngonium podophyllum

Like other climbers and vining plants, the arrowhead plant is pretty straightforward to grow indoors in water. Keep adding fresh water twice a week, and it’ll keep on growing. If you like, transplant it into potting soil once the cutting sets new roots.

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7. Coleus

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (7)

Botanical Name: Plectranthus scutellarioides

Having colorful and serrated leaves, coleus will be the most colorful addition to glasses and jars. Since it likes indirect light, you can keep it as a tabletop centerpiece in a wine glass or decorative mason jar filled with water.

Tip: Adding compost tea to the water will enhance their growth.

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8. Wandering Jew

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (8)

Botanical Name: Tradescantia pallida

Wandering jews are tough plants that grow like a weed in warm climates. The astonishing purple-colored and variegated varieties make them desirable houseplants. The best part is you can grow them in water in terrariums.

Here’s all you need to know about growing Wandering Jew in water

9. Dracaena

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (9)

Botanical Name: Dracaena

Many indoor dracaena varieties can adapt to growing in water. Glass jugs and narrow jars are good for them. Just remember to use chlorine and fluoride-free water.

Also, never let the water in the jar become mushy and unclear, and keep changing it two to three times a week.

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10. Croton

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (10)


Botanical Name: Codiaeum variegatum

Croton has the boldest foliage in all the houseplants, we also added it to our list of houseplants for kid’s rooms. While it may not grow permanently in water but you can use this method to root its cuttings.

Here are the best types of Crotons you can grow

11. Impatiens

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (11)

Botanical Name: Impatiens walleriana

Impatiens can grow in water for quite a long time. Remove all the lower leaves and submerge their cut ends in water. Once they form long roots, transplant them in pots. This way, more new impatiens will be ready in the nick of time.

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12. Begonia

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (12)

Botanical Name: Begonia

Like impatiens, growing begonias in water is also possible. You can keep them in a clear bowl for around two months before they start to fade. Don’t forget to change the water every week to save the begonia cuttings from rotting.

13. Paperwhite

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (13)

Botanical Name: Narcissus papyraceus

You can grow paperwhite narcissus bulbs in water and force them to flower easily. For this, get a glass terrarium and fill one-quarter of it with seashells and gravels. Now arrange the bulbs closely and cover half of them with these gravels to fix them at their spot.

After this, fill the terrarium with water, up to the base of bulbs but in a way that it’s not wetting them. That’s it, keep them at a bright spot, and they’ll start blooming after 4-5 weeks.

14. Ornamental Sweet Potato

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (14)

Botanical Name: Ipomoea batatas

Ornamental sweet potato vine in a glass jar will add a tropical touch to your kitchen windowsill. Trim a few 6 to 8 inches long stems just below the leaf node, remove the lower leaves and submerge them half in water. Keep changing the water, and it’ll grow.

15. English Ivy

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (15)

(Video) Top 5 Common Indoor Plants That Can Grow In Water | Grow Houseplants Without Soil

Botanical Name: Hedera helix

English ivy can be your next indoor water garden plant. You can grow its cuttings in vases for a long time. Snip all the bottom leaves of an ivy stem and transfer them into a glass jar and enjoy it on a bright windowsill.

16. Caladium

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (16)

Botanical Name: Caladium

Growing caladium in water is quite easy. Keep the water-grown plant on desks, dining tables, and tabletops for a stylish look.

17. Alocasia

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (17)

Botanical Name: Alocasia zebrina

You can grow alocasia in glass jars filled with clean water by separating the clumps and offsets from a disinfected knife. Read details here.

18. Ti Plant

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (18)

Botanical Name: Cordyline

Take a 5-8 inches long cutting from a healthy plant, remove the bottom foliage, and put it in a clean vase or jar filled with water. You can find more details in this post.

19. Sweetheart Hoya

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (19)

Botanical Name: Hoya kerrii

Hoya can be easily grown in a glass of clean water with cutting in an area where it receives bright, indirect light.

20. Moth Orchid

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (20)

Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis spp.

(Video) Indoor Water Plants for Beginners (NINE EASY GROWING PLANTS)

This beautiful houseplant grows well in water, place colorful pebbles in the bottom to provide support for roots.

21. Prayer Plant

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (21)

Botanical Name: Maranta leuconeura

You can grow prayer plants in water from cuttings, the deep green leaves with red veins look adorable in glass jars.

22. Aluminum Plant

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (22)

Botanical Name: Pilea cadierei

Pilea cadierei shows off variegated gray-green foliage that looks more beautiful in glass jars filled with clean water. Keep your water-grown plants in medium to low light.

23. Chinese Money Plant

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (23)

Botanical Name: Pilea peperomioides

The beautiful round leaves of the Chinese Money Plant look adorable in vases. Keep it where it gets plenty of bright light.

24. Monstera

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (24)

Botanical Name: Monstera deliciosa

Growing and flourishing it in water is possible if you are ready to take the right care of it! The plant looks quite stunning with its large and serrated foliage.

Here’s all you need to know about growing Monstera in water

25. Mint

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (25)

Botanical Name: Mentha

Growing mint in water will ensure that you have a regular supply for your kitchen. What’s more, simply crush a few leaves to have an instant room freshener!

(Video) Plant Growing Hacks And Smart Gardening Tips

Learn all about growing mint in the water here

26. More Herbs

26 Amazing Indoor Plants That Grow In Water (26)

Not just the houseplants, there are herbs and vegetables that you can grow in water. Some of the best ones are green onions, fennel, and celery. Check out our article to find more names.

Here are the best herbs to grow in water

Watch this video for more information


Can any plant grow in just water? ›

Some plants thrive in water, others drown. Know this though, almost any plant can be rooted or propagated in water; Just not all of them will nourish and grow.

Can I grow spider plant in water forever? ›

Can you grow spider plants in water? Plants need certain nutrients to grow and thrive, and can't be sustained in water long term unless you are using a hydroponic solution. However, you can root the little plantlets and transfer them to soil once the root system is vigorous.

Can snake plant live in water? ›

Yes. While snake plants are typically grown in soil, you can propagate and grow snake plants in water. Snake plants require little water to survive, so you won't need to water it often once the plant matures.

What is the rarest indoor plant? ›

The Shenzhen Nongke Orchid is not available anywhere, but a specimen was sold at auction in 2005 for a 1.68 million Yuan (about $202,000), making it the most valuable and rarest houseplant in the world.

How long will a spider plant live in water? ›

Always be careful when it comes to changing the water–Once every 5-7 days is the right interval. If you notice water getting pale or discolored before, then replace it before the schedule.

How do you grow jade in water? ›

The trick to successfully propagate a Jade plant in water is to change the water once or twice a week, once it turns grubby. Adequate roots emerge in 4-5 weeks, which eventually reduces the risk of root rot. You can then keep your plant at the desired location where it gets bright and indirect light all day.

Do snake plants have babies? ›

A unique feature of Sansevieria are their habit of creating 'pups' from the main plant. A fleshy rhizome will extend from the main root ball and then grow a vertical set of leaves beside the main plant. These pups will grow their very own root structures and can be divided from the main plant.

Which plant gives oxygen 24 hours? ›

Peepal tree gives oxygen 24 hours.

What is the easiest indoor plant to keep alive? ›

Air Plants (Tillandsia)

Air plants are epiphytes, meaning they can grow without soil and making Tillandsia one of the easiest indoor plants to grow.

What is the most popular indoor plant? ›

According to Google, the most popular houseplant search in America is the Monstera deliciosa, otherwise known as the Swiss cheese plant. This tropical beauty, which typically has funky natural leaf holes, was the most widely searched houseplant across 16 states, including Ohio, Hawaii, New York, and California.

Can peace lily grow in water? ›

Can Peace Lilies be Grown in Water? Yes, peace lilies can grow in water alone; they are often sold in vases without any soil. Ideally, the base of the plant should be suspended above the water line, either by a specially-made vase insert or a layer of small river stones.

How do you grow indoor plants in water without soil? ›


What is the five aquatic plants? ›

Examples include wild rice (Zizania), water caltrop (Trapa natans), Chinese water chestnut (Eleocharis dulcis), Indian lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica), and watercress (Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum).

Can purple heart plant grow in water? ›

Water Propagation Method. Propagating purple heart in water is just as easy as propagating in soil, but with extra steps. Although soil propagation can be a faster way to get purple plants in pots quicker, propagating them in water gives you a chance to see the roots growing.

What plant is worth the most money? ›

The Shenzhen Nongke Orchid claimed the record for most expensive flower ever sold, when it was auctioned off for about $224,000 in 2005. This flower was created by scientists in a university lab, and took 8 years of work to develop.

What is the most expensive houseplant ever sold? ›

Variegated Monstera Plants

The plant earned its nickname “swiss cheese plant” due to the large holes the leaves develop as it matures. The most expensive Monstera sold was variegated Monstera Adansonii for $38,000 on a popular auction site, Trade Me.

What is the most aesthetic plant? ›

Top 10 Most Aesthetic House Plants
  • Alocasia Odora. ...
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig. ...
  • Alocasia Dragon Scale. ...
  • Anthurium Clarinervium. ...
  • Kentia Palm. ...
  • Peperomia Watermelon. ...
  • Calathea White Fusion. ...
  • Alocasia Zebrina.

Does plants help with depression? ›

Plants can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression

A 2007 study found a bacterium in plant soil called Mycobacterium vaccae that triggers the release of serotonin, which lifts mood and reduces anxiety. Therefore, interaction with indoor or outdoor plants can alleviate symptoms of depression.

What is the most famous plant in the world? ›

Bamboo is one of the most famous plants gathered around the world. Plants are all around us and the human race has a long relationship with them. They are a huge part of global culture, both revered and enjoyed.

What plant has the most uses? ›

Bamboo is considered to be the most useful plant in the world. While edible bamboo shoots, the young sprouts of the bamboo plant, are mostly consumed by countries like China Japan, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia, they are also a local favorite here in the islands.

How do you grow plants in water without soil? ›

The technique of growing plants without soil is called hydroponics. It's simply growing plants in water. Hydroponics is not only useful.

How do you keep water plants alive? ›

Aquatic plants do best with 10 to 12 hours of light per day. Leaving the light on longer will not compensate for weak lighting. It's also important to create a consistent day/night cycle. If your aquarium light does not have a built-in timer, use a timer or digital power center to provide a consistent photoperiod.

Do water plants need soil? ›

While some aquarium plants can absorb nutrients via their leaves and do not require a substrate like soil, many aquarium plants that grow from a bulb and absorb nutrients through their root system, require soil to survive.

Can I keep my pothos in water forever? ›

Yes, pothos can live in water forever. They will live longer if you change the water every 2-3 weeks or as it looks foggy and be sure that it's getting the right light conditions.

Do plants hear us? ›

By nature, plants are designed to be highly adaptable to their environments. This means that, yes, they do indeed hear what is happening around them.

What is the easiest plant to grow indoors? ›

9 of the Easiest Houseplants That Anyone Can Grow
  • monstera. Adaptable to almost all light conditions, and somewhat drought tolerant, the Monstera is a low maintenance, stunning tropical plant. ...
  • sansevieria. ...
  • zz plant. ...
  • spider plant. ...
  • philodendron heartleaf. ...
  • hedgehog aloe.

Can aloe grow in water? ›

Aloe Vera is generally grown in soil, but you can grow it in water if you can provide it with the right sunlight, nutrition, and temperature. To grow aloe vera hydroponically, suspend the plant with roots immersed in water and be prepared to deal with root rot and algae problems.

What is the five aquatic plants? ›

Examples include wild rice (Zizania), water caltrop (Trapa natans), Chinese water chestnut (Eleocharis dulcis), Indian lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica), and watercress (Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum).

Why are my water plants dying? ›

When your aquarium plants are turning black or dying, the first things to consider are a deficiency of nutrients, water quality problems or a lack of sufficient light to support plant growth.

How can I keep plants alive for 2 months? ›

Place gallon jugs or jars of water (size dependent on how long you expect to be gone) alongside your plant with a piece of twine or yarn in the water, and the other end around the soil of the plant. The water will wick from the jug to the plant and keep it's soil moist while you are gone.

How long can a plant live in water? ›

In many cases, houseplants can thrive in water indefinitely as long as you provide what they need to continue growing. This is called hydroponic growing and it's great because it makes for a whole different way to display your houseplants.

Can I grow water lily without soil? ›

Yes, you can plant marginal plants (those that grow on the edge of the pond) and water lilies in your pond without using any soil. In some cases, having soil on the roots will actually increase the bacteria around the pond plants in the water.

Why are pothos dying in water? ›

Pothos generally tolerates under watering better then overwatering, which is usually the cause of a dying pothos plant. If the pothos roots are in consistently damp soil from overwatering or poor drainage then this promotes the conditions for the fungal disease root rot which is often the cause of a dying pothos.

Can Devil's Ivy live in water? ›

How to root, grow, and propagate pothos in water. Pothos (also known as golden pothos or devil's ivy) is a hardy indoor plant with beautiful heart-shaped leaves that grow on vines. Pothos is also one of the easiest houseplants to grow entirely in water.

Do pothos like banana water? ›

Banana peels: Banana peels are a great source of potassium, which is essential for pothos plants. Just bury the peels a few inches in the soil around your plant and let nature do its thing! What is this? Aquarium water: If you have an aquarium, the water is a great natural fertilizer for pothos plants.


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