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Read FAQ's and Tutorials FIRST before asking questions.
Links to FORScan TUTORIALS on various sites:

What is FORScan?
General description of SOFTWARE that bidirectionally reads codes, modules, and As Built Data of Fords

(Video) 2020 2021 2022 Ford Super duty Tremor How to install Morimoto XB LED fog lights A Simple easy way.

  • FORScan is software synthesized from proprietary code for bi-directional communication with electronic modules in Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, and a limited number of Mazda vehicles.
  • As the name implies, FORScan only works on Ford's family of vehicle lines.
  • At the basic level, FORScan can read and clear legislated Diagnostic Trouble Codes of emissions related components that illuminate the Malfunction Indicator Lamp.
  • FORScan can also read and clear DTCs stored in memory for non emissions related Ford proprietary chassis modules that are not legislated and that basic OBDII readers cannot detect.
  • Beyond DTCs, FORScan can also monitor Parameter IDs (PIDS) in real time as the vehicle is operating, providing diagnostic information similar to an OEM scan tool.
  • More versatile than pro scan tools, FORScan works with Windows laptops, iOS devices, Android devices, and Android stereo head units for portability and even full time vehicle integration
  • In concert with a tablet or aftermarket head unit, FORScan can facilitate another "gauge panel" displaying PIDS and vehicle data not available to be seen in the instrument panel.
  • The monitored data captured by FORScan can be downloaded onto a spreadsheet or graph, synchronized in time to create data recordings of notable performance changes during driving events.
  • However, the ULTIMATE in utilizing FORScan in 2011 and newer Ford trucks is vehicle personalization, enabling and customizing factory features hidden in trucks network of modules.

Why is FORScan such a BIG DEAL?
What are people doing with FORScan on their brand new warrantied vehicles?

  • In a nutshell, new vehicle features and functions can be customized using FORScan.
  • People have capitalized on FORScan's ability to read, write, and change As Built data in vehicle system modules.
  • For manufacturing efficiencies, the same component module might be installed in multiple vehicles and trim levels, yet function differently based solely on software settings, per the options ordered.
  • Many "options/features" are ENABLED on higher trim levels, but are DISABLED or not available on lower trim levels.
  • By changing the data in the As Built area of the modules, these "options/features" can become available and activated on vehicles not originally equipped with the option.

What kinds of COOL CHANGES can be made with FORScan?
A list of some, but not all, of the features and personalizations folks have tweaked in their trucks:

  • Exterior Light Control
    • Bambi Mode (High Beams with Fogs On)
    • Remember Fog Lights on Start Up
    • Daytime Running Lights with Headlights
    • Daytime Running LIghts with Turn Signal (Switchback)
    • Parking Lams on with Low Beams for DRL
    • Halogen to LED Turn Signal Conversion
    • Outer Halo C Clamp Lights as DRLs
    • Turn Signal Flash Count
    • Bed Lamp Install
  • Interior Light Control
    • Courtesy Lamp Fade In / Fade Out
    • Ambient LED Lighting on Entry
    • Ambient LED Lighting when Door Ajar
    • Ambient Light Sensor Speed
    • Puddle Lamp Illumination Time
    • Dark Mode - Disable Illuminated Entry / Exit
  • Horn Control
    • Double Horn on Lock with truck running and without key FOB
    • Double Honk without KEY
    • Disable Panic Alarm Horn
    • Determine # of Fob Button Presses to Engage Panic Alarm Horn
  • Chime Control
    • Disable Door Ajar Chimes
    • Disable Key in Ignition Chime
    • Disable Triple Ding at Start Up
    • Disable Driver's Seat Belt Chime
    • Disable All Seat Belt Chimes
  • Instrument Panel Control
    • Numerical Temperature values on Gauges
    • DPF % Remaining on Screen
    • Fuel Tank Size
    • Boot Screen Animation - Change to different theme, or eliminate for faster boot up
    • Sync 3 Theme
    • Bluetooth Name
    • Heated / Vented Seats Icons on Home Screen
    • Add Average Speed to Trip / Fuel Menu
    • Add Climate Screen to XL / XLT
  • Radio / Navigation Head Unit Control
    • Navigation in Motion
    • View Text Messages in Motion
    • Turn by Turn Navigation
    • Remove XM / Sirius Radio from Source
    • Remove CD Option from Sync
    • Bluetooth Pairing Name
    • Extend Radio On Time after Engine Off
  • Tire / Wheel / Traction Control
    • Hill Descent
    • Traction Control
    • TPMS
    • Axle Ratio
    • Tire Size / Speedometer recalibration
  • Glass Control
    • Global Window Close / Open
    • Auto Fold / Unfold Outside Rearview Mirrors with Lock / Unlock on key fob
    • Auto Fold / Unfold Outside Rearview Mirrors Lincoln Style
  • Engine Control
    • Remote Start Enable / Disable
    • Secure Engine Idle ( Police Mode )
    • Auto Engine Shutdown Disable
    • Enable Auto Regen Checkbox
  • Electrical Control
    • Battery Monitoring System (BMS) Disable
    • Power Point Time Out Disable
    • Power Point Time Out 4 Hours
  • Comfort Control
    • Timeouts for Heated Steering Wheel
    • Switch Steering Wheel Button Functions
    • Massage Seats

How do I find my vehicle's As Built data?
DOWNLOAD your vehicle's original As Built data from Ford. Here's how:

(Video) S&B Air Intake MPG Air Dam?! 2017-2019 F250 6.7L *Powerstroke* SO MUCH LAG

  • Go to https://www.motorcraftservice.com/AsBuilt
  • (You may or may not need to enter your country first) See sequence of Motorcraft Service screenshots
  • Enter your full 17 character VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Press Submit. Do so only once, as doing so again will cancel the first request, increasing wait times.
  • [During peak usage hours, wait times can take up to 5 minutes.
  • Download your AsBuilt (.ab) file and store in a safe place.
2020-2022 Super Duty FORScan Spreadsheet - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums (1)

What Platforms / Operating Systems does FORScan support?
Compare FORScan apps and OS/device dependent functionality at https://forscan.org/comparsion.html

  • Windows - 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 (ELM327 / ELS27 / STNxxxx adapters with COM, USB, Bluetooth & WiFi interfaces)
  • NOTE: Only x86 hardware architecture supported. ARM architecture is not supported.
  • Windows is the only platform that supports ALL features and functions of FORScan
  • (Including module configuration and programming, and SAE J2534 Pass Thru Interface communication adapters)
  • Apple Mac OS - Use a Windows Emulator/Shell - (such as Boot Camp, then use FORScan for Windows)
  • Apple iOS - v7.0 & higher (using OBDLink MX+, ELM327 Bluetooth and WiFi adapters)
  • Android - v4.0 & higher (using ELM327 Bluetooth and WiFi adapters)

How do I OBTAIN FORScan?
The FORScan application can be downloaded from https://forscan.org/download.html

  • Windows - Standard License (Free, includes all diagnostic functionality, but NO module programming abilities)
  • Windows - Extended License (REQUIRED for module configuration and programming, and servicing PATS)
  • Windows - Wine Build (See FORScan Forums and FORScan Home Page with site index for details.)
  • Apple MacOS - Use Windows Emulator/Shell - (Then download Windows licensing version of choice)
  • Apple iOS - FORScan Viewer for iOS (Free, use first to check for app compatibility with iOS device)
  • Apple iOS - FORScan LITE for iOS(Limited functionality, see Comparison Chart for details)
  • Android - FORScan Demo for Android (Free, use first to check for compatibility with Android device)
  • Android - FORScan LITE for Android (Limited functionality, see Comparison Chart for details)

Is an Extended License REQUIRED in order to use FORScan?
Detailed licensing levels and requirements can be reviewed at https://forscan.org/faq.html#licensing


  • No license needed with Windows FORScan for diagnostics (retrieving & clearing DTCs, monitoring PIDS)
  • License always required for ANY function with FORScan LITE for mobile Android / iOS platforms
  • If you wish to donate to FORScan development, then obtain an Extended License for Windows
  • Available Extended License Periods include 2 month (free), 1 year, 3 year, 5 year, and Lifetime
  • If you want to perform the following functions with Windows FORScan, then an Extended License is required:
    • Module Configuration
    • Module Configuration (AS BUILT Data)
    • Central Configuration[
    • Module Reset/Configuration
    • PATS Programming[
2020-2022 Super Duty FORScan Spreadsheet - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums (2)

What is DIFFERENCE between Free versus Paid Extended Licenses?
Paid Extended Licenses last longer, and are much easier to set up with Activation Code

  • FORScan instructions use words "Activation Code" and "License Key" interchangeably
  • However, a difference exists between what Activation Code vs License Key really mean
  • This difference is an important factor that distinguishes a paid license from a free license
  • All Extended Licenses require a key for each hardware device FORScan is enabled on
  • Free License Keys must be manually prepared, generated, downloaded, and installed
  • Activation Codes automate and simplify the manual process of setting up license key
  • Activation Codes are only issued for Paid licenses, and are valid for license duration
  • Free licenses require manual generation and installation of License Key (No Activation Code)
  • Free licenses must be renewed every 2 months, and require FORScan Forum membership
  • There are no other functional differences between free versus paid Extended Licenses.

How do I ACQUIRE an Extended License for FORScan?
LITE users see App / Play store. Windows users read Standard and Extended Licenses for Windows

  • To acquire a Free 2 Months Trial Extended License for Windows:
    • One must first Register to become member of FORSCan.org forum to log in to Extend License
    • After registering, open FORScan and select the Steering Wheel Icon in bottom left corner of screen
    • The FORScan About page will show the Standard License Hardware ID. Click Copy To Clipboard.
    • 2020-2022 Super Duty FORScan Spreadsheet - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums (3)
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Look up Hardware ID on the computer used to directly connect with vehicle. If FORScan is loaded on both a desktop (to review logs) as well as a laptop (to connect to vehicle), then it is essential to use the Hardware ID from the laptop to register for any type of Extended License, because the laptop is the computer used to connect to vehicle. However, the laptop does not have to be actually connected to the vehicle in order to get the Hardware ID.
    • Generate Trial Extended License using this link on FORScan's website: Generate Trial License
    • (FORScan requests First & Last Name, Contact Phone Number, and Hardware ID as derived above)
    • After license key is successfully generated, click on the Download link in the Action row of the table presented and download the license key to any file on computer that you can locate later for install.
    • It is not necessary to immediately "install" the license directly from the link where license key was obtained.
  • To acquire a Paid 1yr, 3yr, 5yr or Lifelong Extended License for Windows:
    • Visit FORScan.org Downloads. Buy Extended License (Click length of term desired)
    • Transaction executes through "ShareIt/MyCommerce" (linked via terms clicked above)
    • Once payment is processed, an Order Confirmation page presents an Activation Code
    • Confirmation Email also contains Activation Code, along with Installation Instructions
    • The email may contain an attachment to download. Note where you download this file!

How do I INSTALL / ACTIVATE the Extended License Key?
See FORScan.org FAQ and Standard and Extended Licenses for Windows

(Video) ALL NEW 2020+ Ford Super Duty Morimoto XB Headlight Install & Review | Headlight Revolution

  • General Notes on installing Extended License Key / Activation Code
    • An internet connection is required on device to be licensed at the moment of activation
    • Once activated, FORScan no longer requires any internet connection on device to use the software
    • The Activation Code / License Key file should be kept safe, in the event FORScan needs re-activating again
    • One License Key per single PC. Another way in which "License Key" and "Activation Code" terms are distinguished:
    • Multiple License Keys can be ordered at once for each PC, to be conveniently linked by using the same Activation Code.
    • Choose any one of the Four Methods described below to Install License. Only one method need be used, not all Four, but if one method doesn't work, try another.
  • Method 1 to Install Paid License: (This method works for Paid licenses)
    • Double click directly on the file downloaded from the MyCommerce email (paid license), as described in section above.
    • Confirm / authorize the file to make changes to the Windows registry
    • After the foregoing is complete, Restart FORScan application
    • Must be online, and firewall must not have FORScan outgoing connections blocked
    • After restart, the Extended License is installed and application is ready to use
  • Method 2 to Install Paid License: (Copy & Paste Activation Code provided for Paid license)
    • Start FORScan & click Steering Wheel "?" Icon (About Section) at bottom left of screen
    • Click "Load License Key" (in some versions called "Enter Activation Code") button
    • Dialog box will open, where Activation Code from email can be copied & pasted into
    • Wait for Activation result (can be very short), then agree to restart application
    • Must be online, and firewall must not have FORScan outgoing connections blocked
    • After restart, the Extended License is installed and application is ready to use
  • Method 3 to Install Free License: (Navigate to Download from within FORScan application dialog directory)
    • Start FORScan & click Steering Wheel "?" Icon (About section) at bottom left of screen
    • Click "Load License Key" (in some versions called "Enter Activation Code") button
    • Dialog box will open, displaying FORScan directory which may not be where License is
    • 2020-2022 Super Duty FORScan Spreadsheet - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums (4)
    • Using mouse, navigate to the directory where file downloaded from either the FORScan forum link (free), or the MyCommerce email (paid) was stored, as made note of earlier.
    • Once FORScan Key file is located, select it and press OK in dialog box.
    • Affirm prompt requesting to restart FORScan by clicking OK.
    • After restart, the Extended License is installed and application is ready to use
  • Method 4 to Install Free License: (Especially helpful for Windows 10 users, as suggested by F-Wolf)
    • When downloading Extended License, make a new folder and name it FORScan License
    • If Windows asks what type of file the Download is, select the .key file extension
    • Find the FORScan Program folder. (example C:/ Program Files (x86) / FORScan)
    • 2020-2022 Super Duty FORScan Spreadsheet - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums (5)
    • Copy & paste the "FORScan License" folder created in the first step above (which has the .key file download) into the FORScan Program folder found in the Program Files on the C drive
    • Start FORScan and click Steering Wheel "?" Icon (About Section) at bottom left of screen
    • Click "Load License Key" button (in earlier versions called "Enter Activation Code")
    • 2020-2022 Super Duty FORScan Spreadsheet - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums (6)
    • Dialog box opens, displaying FORScan directory where the "FORScan License" file
    • In example directory below, FORScan Forum member F-Wolf named his file "Licence"
    • 2020-2022 Super Duty FORScan Spreadsheet - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums (7)
    • Once FORScan License Key file is located, select it and press OK in dialog box.
    • Affirm prompt requesting to restart FORScan by clicking OK.
    • After restart, the Extended License is installed and application is ready to use
  • 2020-2022 Super Duty FORScan Spreadsheet - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums (8)
    Image Credits: F-Wolf of FORScan.org for images illustrating Method 4. KELLSDAD22 at FORScan.org for images illustrating Method 3. YOUR PROGRAM FILE LISTS WILL LIKELY DIFFER FROM THOSE ILLUSTRATED.

All About ADAPTERS. Which one to choose?
See FORScan.org subforum on Adapters and ELM327 Compatible Adapters - How To Choose

  • Known Good and Recommended Adapters Tested by FORScan developers and super users:
    • Windows for programming, complex module configuration, changing settings, all diagnostics
      • OBDLink EX USB (verified for all programming functions except pass through)
      • Viaken STN1170 USB (No longer recommended for new designs)
      • ELS27 v3 (Russian)
      • OBDLink SX (if modified for MS-CAN Support)
      • OBDLink LX (if MS-CAN Support not required)
      • OBDLink MX+ (no programming, no complex configuration, no calibration updates)
    • Android w/ FORScan LITE Diagnostics only, read/clear DTC, monitor PID, some service
      • OBDLink MX+
      • OBDLink LX (if MS-CAN Support not required)
      • ELS27 v3 (Russian)
      • OBDLink MX BT (Discontinued by OBDLink)
    • Apple iOS w/ FORScan LITE Diagnostics only, read/clear DTC, monitor PID, some service
      • OBDLink MX+
  • OBDLink ELM327 Compatible OBD to UART Interpreter Integrated Circuit Device IDs:
    • STN1110 - STN1110 - Not recommended for newer designs, active but outdated
    • STN1130 - OBDLink SX USB - Low Cost - Can be hacked with manual switch
    • STN1151 - OBDLink MX BT v2 - Even Version 2 is discontinued. Use MX+ or LX
    • STN1152 - OBDLink MX WiFi - Native iOS Support, but discontinued. Now use MX+
    • STN1155 - OBDLink LX BT - Supercedes MX BT, but does not support Apple iOS
    • STN1170 - STN1170 - Not recommended for newer designs. Consider STN2120
    • STN2100 - STN2100 - Not recommended for Fords newer than 2003. See STN2120
    • STN2120 - STN2120 - Supports Ford MS CAN and GM SW CAN
    • STN2230 - OBDLink EX USB - Low Cost - Auto switching - Supports Ford MS CAN
    • STN2255 - OBDLink MX+ BT - Supports iOS, Ford MS CAN, SW CAN, Auto switch

  • Cheap Chinese Clone ELM327 Compatible Adapters: Use at own risk; then report what happened... or didn't.
  • Common Connection Interface Options for adapter to computer / hand held device connection:
    • USB - Most stable & reliable connection, & the fastest. Required for programming
    • BlueTooth (BT) - Most common connection, used on Android devices running FORScan LITE
    • WiFi - Not recommended by FORScan. Used on Apple iOS 8+ devices running FORScan LITE
  • OBDII and Vehicle Module Network Communication Bus Protocols:
    • MS-CAN Medium Speed CAN (Proprietary Ford body, chassis, & interior modules)
    • HS-CAN High Speed CAN (Emissions regulated Ford engine & drivetrain modules)
    • ISO 9141-2 (older Ford secondary network, up to 2009. Primary on Mazda to 2003)
    • ISO 11898 CAN (Raw CAN standard set, encompassing physical layers)
    • ISO 14230-4 (also known as KeyWord Protocol 2000, aka KWP, aka KWP2K)
    • ISO 15765-4 CAN (Worldwide harmonized and regulated transportation CAN standard)
    • SAE J1850 PWM (older Ford Standard Corporate Protocol, up to 2003 and up to 2009)
    • SAE J1850 VPW (older GM Class 2 vehicles)
    • SAE J1939 CAN (Medium and Heavy Duty Truck adaptation of ISO 15765 CAN)
    • SAE J2411 SW-CAN (Single Wire CAN, GMLAN, GMW3089)
    • SAE J2534 Pass-Thru (Calibration ReFlash through OEM supplied server connection)
    • SAE J2818 (also known as KeyWord Protocol 1281, aka KWP1281)
    • UBP - (Universal Bus Protocol, an older UART based protocol used prior to Ford SCP)

Having now selected a device platform, downloaded FORScan, acquired a license, activated the license, and chosen an adapter...

It's now time to get your FORScan party started!
2020-2022 Super Duty FORScan Spreadsheet - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums (9)


How long does it take for Ford to build a truck 2022? ›

The process takes an average of about three+ months. * After about a week, you will receive acknowledgement the factory is beginning the build, and between the third and tenth weeks, you will receive your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) along with an estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Is Ford changing the 2023 Super Duty? ›

The 2023 Ford Super Duty is redesigned with fresh styling elements, updated powertrains, and new technology. While the F-250, F-350, and F-450 are still primarily heavy-duty workhorses, Ford enhances them with features aimed at taking the trucks to another level of capability and functionality.

What is FORScan f250? ›

What is FORScan? FORScan is a software scanner for Ford, Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles, designed to work over ELM327 (please read the important note below) and J2534 Pass-Thru compatible adapters.

Is Ford taking orders for 2022 Super Duty? ›

​​​​​This week, Ford announced the fleet order bank for Super Duty model year 2022 vehicles will close on August 13. Due to this cut-off, orders must be submitted to Element immediately and they will be entered as will-try with Ford.

Can I track my new Ford being built? ›

You can track your vehicle order online* on the Ford Vehicle Order Tracking tool. Follow these steps: Get your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and Order Number from your selling Ford Dealer. The VIN will be available after your vehicle is scheduled for production.

How long after production date does Ford deliver? ›

From build date--assuming it holds--to delivery, you can expect 8-10 weeks. Build can be 4-5 weeks, delivery can be 4-5 weeks. Then there's a "final preparation step" when it reaches the dealer.

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